Discover a Dark Alternative to the ‘80s in Replaced


  • Discover a dark alternative to the ‘80s in Replaced, the 2.5D retro-futuristic platformer coming in 2022.
  • Replaced combines cinematic platformer, pixel art, and free-flow action inspired combat with a deep engaging dystopian story.
  • Set almost 40 years after a nuclear explosion, Phoenix-City is now ruled by corruption and greed, and human organs have become nothing more than currency.

Replaced is a modernised cinematic platformer set in an alternative ‘80s where you play as R.E.A.C.H, an AI trapped in a human body against its will. But what makes their world so different from ours? Read on to find out what happened to create this dystopian past…

A Dark Alternative to the ‘80s We Know and Love

Most of us think of the ‘80s as a time of questionable hairstyles, boom boxes, glam rock and the birth of iconic games like Pac-Man and Tetris; a simpler time (albeit with more glitter). But what would the ‘80s have looked like in a past where the Trinity nuclear test in the ‘40s went wrong causing a bomb to explode and result in national devastation? In Replaced you get a glimpse into that world, where “Sweet Dreams” are for the sleeping and you “Stopped Believin’” a long time ago…

Bioengineering is Just the Beginning

Replaced is set almost forty years after the nuclear explosion, in a walled fortress known as Phoenix-City ruled by the corrupt Phoenix Corp, a company founded on ‘matching’ voluntary donors with greedy clients looking to upgrade their body parts. As time went on, they found that voluntary supply was falling behind demand and soon the richest clients could get their hands on anything while citizens started to go missing at an alarming rate…Vocal cords, legs, eyes, livers? No problem for the wealthy.

By the time people realised what was happening it was too late, Phoenix Corp was running the whole country, throwing the leftover and unwilling donors into the ‘Disposal’ areas outside the city walls to live as outlaws (the ones that survived that is). In the early days, the corporation started looking into AI and how this could help run their system more efficiently still…Which is how the first prototypes for R.E.A.C.H, the main AI, were created.

Inspiration for the Game

Replaced is inspired by cyberpunk stylized films like Blade Runner 2049, Alien, and Upgrade. The pixel art style compliments the ‘80s aesthetic while the free-flow action inspired combat creates an exciting and immersive gaming experience with some unexpected twists in the storyline that will definitely keep players hooked.

Developers Sad Cat Studios and publishers Coatsink (who are very grateful their version of the ‘80s was pretty tame) are so excited to announce that Replaced is scheduled for release in 2022. It will be available to play for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass.

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