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The Marvel’s Avengers Cosmic Cube Event Has Arrived

The future is in peril. The Avengers need to work together to take down the Scientist Supreme before she can bring about an apocalypse. The new Beating the Odds Villain Sector and the Cosmic Threat Event are available now!

Trails of Cosmic energy have been circulating around the globe, which lead the Avengers to Monica’s secret weapon — tracking down these Cosmic signatures is how Beating the Odds begins. You’ll track the trail to a heavily guarded AIM facility and fight through to the final chamber, which houses a giant, mysterious, and undoubtedly powerful cube. This is the Cosmic Cube, the true form of Project Omega, and Monica can’t wait to show you just how powerful it is in the final battle of the Villain Sector.

This is a brand-new fight unlike any we’ve created before. Though the future is always to some degree uncertain, with our Cosmic Cube dev tips from Principal Designer Jason Botta, you can ready up with confidence to beat the odds! Here’s some pointers for how to emerge from the chaos victorious:

Marvel’s Avengers
  • The Divide and Conquer strategy is going to be your ally for this battle. You’ll quickly notice that there are a lot of things going on at once in the Cosmic Cube room that could result in a chaotic confrontation, and a defeat if you’re not ready. Focus on taking out the turrets first before anything else, as they will be a pain if you let them hang around
  • The first group of Elite Enemies are going to put up quite the fight. Focus on one of the shielded enemies one at a time—lure them away from the rest of the group in order to take them down one by one before they can overcome you.
  • Finally, in the Power Core room, it might prove useful to have your team quickly split up and destroy the cores before being overwhelmed by the surge of enemy combatants.

Additionally, the showdown happens in a colorfully unstable and captivatingly picturesque arena the likes of which haven’t been seen yet in Marvel’s Avengers. Digital photographers, make sure you bring your cameras and snap some shots while you’re there!

Beating the Odds is available now on the War Table in the Snowy Tundra and can be played with any Hero with Power Level 35+.

Intro Mission Chain Rewards include one Hero Set gear, one DNA Key, three Polychoron, and one piece of gear that has its quality scaled to your Power Level. Weekly Mission Chain Rewards yield gear depending on Power Level, 15 Polychoron, one DNA key, and one piece of gear scaled to your Power Level. Repeated Completions (Missions Chains already completed) will net you one piece of gear that has its quality scaled to your Power Level

Marvel’s Avengers

The Cosmic Threat Event will align with the Villain Sector is underway and will end on July 8. As per the Event’s name, you will be imbued with Cosmic energy, which packs no insignificant punch. The Cosmic Threat Event will take you across the world in various new missions.

Minor Missions rewards (a total of eight, one themed per Hero) require the use of specific Hero abilities or the completion of general objectives. Completing these missions will reward the themed Hero a scaling quality gear if that Hero is below PL 120. If that Hero is PL 120+, you’ll be rewarded with a Tachyon Exotic.

The Major Mission – A Cosmic Threat will require you to beat the new Villain Sector, defeat a large number of enemies in Cosmic Threat Sectors, and deal plenty of sweet Cosmic damage. Rewards include a new animated team nameplate and Hero specific gear.

We’re looking forward to hearing how you like the Cosmic Cube Event and seeing all the quality content you create from it! Share with us your favorite cube-busting builds and ethereal photos on our social channels and official Discord server. See you in the future!

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