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Mythic Ocean: Prologue Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Mythic Ocean: Prologue

Mythic Ocean: Prologue is a Demo of the full game Mythic Ocean. Freely explore a vibrant ocean. Have relaxing, deep, and amusing conversations with six different gods and a cast of sea creatures. The advice you give continuously alters your story and leads to thousands of possible endings, ranging between harmony and pandemonium. Which god will rise above? What kind of universe will they create? Discover the outcomes of your choices. “...a world full of life, color, music, and meaning that is sure to stay with you for years to come." - 10/10 GameSpace “...a lovely, daft, interesting, deep and complex game, with no combat, no death, just choices and consequences." - 8/10 Buried Treasure “...traversing the ocean depths is serene and relaxing, and encountering the game’s myriad of weird and wonderful creatures is continually delightful." - 8/10 GameSpew DEVELOPED BY Paralune "Our players are storytellers too - we make narratives they can explore and shape, creating an experience unique to them. Mythic Ocean is both a love letter to the beauty and power of the sea, and a game about how you, as a person, have more influence than you realize." - Robyn Haley, Darren Malley and Matt Smudz PUBLISHED BY "We publish games that aim to offer a new experience. Diving into Mythic Ocean almost feels like entering a state of meditation where deep thoughts and bonds can be forged.” - Mikaël Bourget, founder of the publishing label
Product Info:
Developer: Paralune
Website: Mythic Ocean
Twitter: @ParaluneGames@NakanaGames@MythicOceanGame

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