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Season 2 Kicks Off Next Week in Knockout City

I’m here to give you the inside deets of the latest dodgeball to hit the streets with the start of Season 2 – Soda Ball!

Alright, who’s thirsty?

Dodgebrawlers all over the city have learned how to take advantage of [REDACTED]’s signature Boba Cola blend in their glorious beatdowns across Knockout City. A revolutionary shake-stable substrate has resulted in a soda that remains fizz free no matter how much you run/jump/dodge/glide around with one in your hands.

Knockout City

But dodgebrawlers have discovered a hidden side-effect — the simple act of charging the cola with dodgebrawler energy starts an irreversible chemical reaction. The pressure inside builds, and builds, and builds. In a matter of seconds the spherical container of bubbly boba beverage won’t be able to contain it any longer, exploding and covering everything (and anyone!) around in oopy goopy gunk!

But don’t worry — the soda itself is absolutely harmless and there’ve been no reports of injuries, malfunctions, or lowered self-esteem as a result of getting absolutely soaked in soda. You’ll want to duck and cover real quick though — visibility tends to be poor when your eyeballs are swimming in sugar. Rest assured, we’ve run tests with the best brawlers around; they can confirm that it’s a temporary condition, and all faculties will return to full function momentarily.

Knockout City

That all said, you’ll still want to avoid getting hit by the bottle itself — it will still pack a heckuva punch if ya get hit with it. Just because the explosion doesn’t deal damage doesn’t mean you can rest easy. Up until it explodes, the Soda Ball hurts just as much as any other dodgeball on the market, so be aggressive!

Impeccable quality control standards have left the Soda Ball with an extremely precise fuse (unlike some other explosive ordnance one may come across throughout the city), so all parties will always know exactly when it will blow. Keep an ear out for the unmistakable sound of incoming carbonated catastrophe and get your backup plan ready.

Should you find yourself discombobulated due to a nearby detonation of delicious drinkage, our experts recommend a quick dose of “hide in your teammates’ hands” until the danger passes. Turns out you don’t need to see to be able to be thrown yourself! And that goes double if you see your own teammate get splatted – be sure to tell them ‘Ball Up’ so you can carry them (and your team) to safety.

Knockout City

Of course, if you find a foe that’s all fizzed up, feel free to delete them at your own leisure. Take advantage of their reduced awareness and blast them out of existence before they can recover! Or just hit them with a dodgeball or two. Whatever floats your boat.

That just about wraps what I gotta say about the Soda Ball. Use it to cover your opponents in goop, then tag them while they can’t defend themselves! If you get caught in the goop yourself, find a friend and let them hold you. Or just go beast mode and start blasting while blind. Also an option. Until next time, see you in Season 2 of Knockout City, Fight at the Movies!

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