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Madness Beverage Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Madness Beverage


Fight Manos’ demons Become a space pirate and fight demons that were set free by the evil villan Manos. Travel through alien planets, forgotten caves, old castles and its dark corridors, and remember, be wary of what’s lurking in the dark! To defeat Manos you’ll have to survive demonic hordes and collect powerful drinks! How can you achieve that, you may ask? With the whole arsenal of deadly weapons and strong beverages that give you some real special powers! Visit Space Market Kaanatan is a popular space market set in the center of the galaxy. This is the place in which all of the mercenaries, thugs and even dignitaries live and trade, so it’s no wonder that you can find a lot of stuff here. No matter if you come here in the broad daylight or at nighttime, you’ll be in for a treat. Find Caleb’s friend, Xeos and have him prepare some magical beverages for you! Find Madness Drop Investigate the source of the radio signal in an old castle on Neo Valkyria, discover the secrets of a suspicious looking laboratory, explore Alien World with its intriguing wildlife and try not to die in flames while on a mission in Lava Cave. Legends say it was a home of dragons once upon a time. But it’s just some old legends, right? Why don’t you find out if there’s any truth to them? Grab Madness Drop and continue your adventure through space! Pick your poison Purple, orange, red, blue, yellow or green… We have all sorts of beverages for you and every single one of them has its own unique power. Do you want some space? Inflict damage and push your enemies away from you with Purple Beverage. Protect yourself, slow your enemies, watch them through walls, move faster and become incredibly powerful, but be careful… Sometimes with great power, comes a price.
Product Info:
Developer: Console Labs
Publisher: PlayWay
Website: Madness Beverage
Twitter: @ConsoleLabs / @Play_Way

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