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Exploring the Narrative of Lost at Sea

What are the most important moments in your life? Lost At Sea is a game about life and death, about coming to terms with your past and about family. Set on a beautiful island, this game will force you to look past your fears and take stock of your life through imaginative puzzles and a relatable story.

Lost At Sea tells the story of Anna, who, in the autumn of her life, has come to be alone. To live her new future, she will first have to take stock of her past. Construct her memories through objects and puzzles on a strange island, and face the question we all face eventually, “Did I do it right?”

In Lost At Sea, we experience moments in the life of Anna, moments that we all recognize, moments that make us all wonder how life suddenly took a hold of us, instead of the other way around. This is a perspective we don’t see often in games; a woman, a mother, who is in the second half of her life, but still very much a part of the community and actively involved in planning her future.

The age bracket of 50-70 is very much overlooked in games, especially in women; often it seems that there are either young women, forty-something mothers, or grandmas aged 80+. We’re happy that with Lost At Sea we are able to pay attention to another age/life group.

Lost At Sea is a narrative-driven game that combines linear and non-linear storytelling, as well as metaphorical spaces and puzzles to hopefully allow players to join Anna on her journey.

There is the environmental storytelling; the island that serves as the backdrop of the gaming experience is a symbolic space, letting players physically explore the larger emotions of the main character and confront her fears. The final layer of the storytelling are the thoughts, feelings, and the voice of the main character in the here and now, carrying players through the ‘main plotline’ if you will.

The game’s puzzles are designed to point towards specific moments in a human’s life, showing the broad spectrum of human life from cradle to grave. At the same time, meaningful objects attached to these puzzles connect Anna’s story to these moments and her life is told to us in miniature memories via a voice over and storybook illustrations.

Lost At Sea invites you to explore the island’s scenic landscapes and dreamlike spaces, uncover its hidden secrets and solve its riddles, as you dive deeper and deeper into Anna’s mind and soul. We hope you find yourself in Anna’s journey, because her fears, struggles and triumphs are all too human.