Aeon Drive Demo Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Aeon Drive DEMO


Aeon Drive Demo is a demo version of a speedrun action platformer set in a Cyberpunk Barcelona. You're Jackelyne, a stranded space pilot on a quest to retrieve faulty pieces of dimension-bending machinery in order to preserve the fabric of the universe.You have to overcome a myriad of obstacles using your sword, teleportation dagger and unique skill to control time! Teleport through lasers, spikes, saws and many other dangers, crouch-dash at the last moment to evade that incoming shot and run through 100 levels across several areas of the city of Barcelona. Everyone is out to get you! Jump through the rooftops of las Ramblas, keep dashing with awesome vistas to the Arc de Triomf, Colon, and the Torre Glòries, fight for your life in Park Güell - just becaue you've finally reached the beach, doesn't mean it's time to rest!
Product Info:
Developer: 2Awesome Studio
Website: Aeon Drive
Twitter: @2AwesomeStudio / @critical_reflex / @AeonDrive

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