QuakeCon 2021

QuakeCon 2021: Signature Panels, News, and Updates

The annual QuakeCon event is back for another weekend of panels, tournaments, charitable giving and more! Day 1 featured a series of signature panels packed with new insights and exciting announcements from a range of Bethesda games. From a deep dive into Fallout 76’s upcoming Fallout Worlds update to a surprise Quake announce, we’ve got the full rundown of everything discussed on day one below.


It’s not often that we get to see three industry legends together in one panel, but a celebration of 25 years of Quake is the perfect excuse to have id Software’s Studio Director Marty Stratton and Senior Producer Kevin Cloud share their Quake (and QuakeCon) memories with MachineGames’ Executive Producer Jerk Gustafsson. Announced during this all-star panel: Quake is back! Experience the dark fantasy FPS that inspires today’s retro-style shooters, now enhanced with cross-play, four-player co-op, multiplayer with up to eight players, improved visuals, four expansions and more. Quake is out now for PC and Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass and is backward compatible for Xbox Series X|S.

Fallout 76

Fallout Worlds comes to Fallout 76 on September 8, bringing unique adventures to Appalachia with rotating Public Worlds and granting players the tools to customize their own Custom Worlds. Check out the full panel as Fallout Worlds Lead Bo Buchanan and Design Director Mark Tucker run us through the latest game updates along with the full scoop on Public Worlds, Custom Worlds, and everything that’s possible with Fallout Worlds.

Doom Eternal

Hell shall have no shortage of slain demons with Update 6.66, coming soon to Doom Eternal. Get the scoop on this major update from id Software Executive Producer Marty Stratton and Game Director Hugo Martin as they discuss the two new Master Levels, waves of demons to best in Horde Mode, an all-new Battlemode arena and improved matchmaking.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Come along for a lively ride on that iconic cart as original developers Ashley Cheng, Will Shen, and Matt Carofano sit down together for Skyrim’s 10th anniversary to share memories and insider stories while playing through the opening of their game. To ring in the occasion, Bethesda Game Studios announced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition, which contains the full game plus all three expansions – DawnguardHearthfire, and Dragonborn – as well all the enhancements found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. The Anniversary Edition also contains over 500 unique pieces of Creation Club content, including quests, dungeons, bosses, weapons, spells and more. Eligible console owners will receive a free upgrade to an Xbox Series X|S Optimized version.

Also announced during the panel was the anniversary celebration concert featuring the game’s original score performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, livestreaming on Bethesda’s Twitch and YouTube channels on November 11. 

The Elder Scrolls Online

Studio Director Matt Firor and Creative Director Rich Lambert give us a guided tour of The Elder Scrolls Online and talk about the latest additions and updates coming to their game – and why now is the proverbial “perfect time” to join 19 million players in this epic and welcoming fantasy adventure. During the panel, ZeniMax Online Studios also debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Waking Flames DLC, launching on August 23 for PC, and September 8 for consoles. Players can try ESO now through August 30 during the Free Plays Event.