Neverwinter: Jewel of the North

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North is Available Now

Sharpen your rapier, string your lute, and get ready for Neverwinter’s newest module: Jewel of the North! With changes to the gameplay experience, leveling, and the introduction of the Bard class, this module brings something for both new and veteran adventurers.

New Bard Class

The strongly anticipated new class is ready to join — and be the life of — the party! As an iconic D&D class, the Bard brings with it the unique perform mechanic that will allow you to play a variety of songs that can enhance, heal, or harm your target. At level 11, Bards will have the ability to choose between two Paragon Paths: the swashbuckling, damage-dealing Songblade or the supportive healing Minstrel.

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North

The addition of a new class is music to the ears of many, or will be with Bard’s Free Perform mode! In addition to the base 8 notes, Free Perform brings octaves and accidentals that will allow Bards to craft their own tunes about their daring and dashing deeds. The base notes can be activated through ABYX and the D-pad, while Quickslots and Octaves use the Bumpers and Triggers on the controller.

Updated Leveling Experience & Adventurer’s Guild

In addition to the new class, we also wanted to update the leveling experience and allow new players, or veteran ones rolling a new character, to reach epic content faster and in a more streamlined fashion. Part of the updated leveling system is the new level 20 cap; where each of the levels are rewarded at key milestones during each of the six zone’s stories. For adventurers who had reached level cap prior to the launch of Jewel of the North, they will automatically be adjusted to level 20 and provided with a free gear pack.

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North

In addition to the changes in leveling, several quality of life updates were done to improve tutorials and the initial experience. Of the key components is the introduction of the Adventurer’s Guild! Located in Protector’s Enclave, in the previous Trade of Blades location, the Adventurer’s Guild serves as a hub to meet, train, and claim hard-earned rewards! With Sgt. Knox and numerous other NPCs having made this location their new home base, adventurers will find all manner of services to aid in their endeavors. Among these is the new Training Room, a special demiplane created for adventurers to learn their class mechanics and safely test techniques — and their mettle. The Training Room is also a valuable location for seasoned heroes and those who wish to explore different builds or stats without the inconvenience of cooldowns or limits on Action Points.

A Different Landscape

An additional component to the Jewel of the North Module is the Vaulting of several Adventure Zones: Blacklake District, Tower District, Blackdagger Ruins, Helm’s Hold, Pirate’s Skyhold, Rothe Valley, and Mount Hotenow. These zones from the original leveling flow were vaulted to better fit with the updated leveling experience, but adventurers have not seen the last of these locations! Bringing these zones to a higher quality, with updated flow and rewards, remains a goal for future development.

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North

Lord Neverember and all Neverwintans are eager to showcase the beauty of their city and welcome all adventurers to the Jewel of the North!

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