Charybdis and Toon Mania Cthulhu Arrive with Smite’s Odyssey

The Ceaseless Whirlpool Update welcomes Charybdis, the newest Greek Goddess, to the battleground of the gods, available now. 

Many ancient Greco-Roman poets have written about the dangerous duo, Scylla and Charybdis, lurking in the Strait of Messina, warning adventurers of the terrors of the deep. The two monstrous beings are always described together, bound to opposite ends of the Strait.


There are phrases used in many different cultures to describe difficult situations, with no clear right answer:

“Between a rock and a hard place”

“The lesser of two evils”

“Between Scylla and Charybdis” 

With all this in mind, we knew that we had to stay true to the idea of Scylla and Charybdis as a pair. While they are technically not biologically related, we wanted to symbolically design them as sisters due to their strong literary connection. As Scylla would hide her true form under the ground, so would Charybdis but in the form of her terrifying Maw, a large-mouthed monster in place of her left arm and hidden underneath a royal cloak.

Charybdis is the sportswoman compared to Scylla’s playful princess personality. She is cold, calculating, and can cause a lot of damage.


Charybdis is a hunter and has strong gameplay ties to her father, Poseidon, and sister, Scylla. She was eager to venture into the wild for training and sport. She is always prepared for any occasion with her regal dress and trusty daggers, perfect for ranged attacks. As a hunter we wanted a new and fresh ranged weapon, and the bone dagger was a cool throwing weapon that fit well with her visuals.

My favorite part of her kit is her Ultimate. Charybdis reveals her true nature, using the Maw to make a powerful attack, chomping down on her enemies. If she kills an enemy god with the attack, the Maw may attack again. It’s powerful and the visuals really showcases Charybdis’s monstrousness.

This Update also includes Smite’s premier event, Odyssey: Perilous Seas. The seas rage as Scylla and Charybdis seek revenge against Zeus. Navigate the dangerous whirlpools in the Odyssey to unlock rewards!


Headlining the event is the Tier 5 Toon Mania Skin. Make way for the star of the show: Toon Mania Cthulhu, the charismatic villain from an old classic cartoon. Watch as he changes characters from Sheriff to Greaser to Bomber Pilot … and becomes a GIANT Skeleton! Earn 160,000 Odyssey Points to unlock this incredible reward. Toon Mania Cthulhu will also be available to unlock on Day 1 of the Odyssey with the Buy All feature!

Collect Odyssey Points by completing the Hanging Gardens Voyage in the Kingdom of Babylon Territory and by purchasing Odyssey content. Receive Collection Bonus Skins like the Neith’s Biggest Fan Zhong Kui Skin every 40,000 Odyssey Points earned up to 160,000 Points. The Odyssey also includes exclusive event Skins like Kero Kero Danzaburou that are purchasable with Gems. These Skins will release with an initial discount so make sure to grab them before they’re back at full price! Each Odyssey Skin comes with a bonus cosmetic plus Odyssey Points that will contribute to your reward bar.


Go on Voyages to nine different territories and complete Quests to uncover rare and epic rewards including Odyssey Bonus Chests, Cosmetics, Gems, Boosters, and more. Start in the Kingdom of Babylon and unlock a new territory for every 20,000 Odyssey Points earned. The journey is up to you — pick whichever territory you want to travel to next. The Strait of Messina territory has even more Quests and rewards! Upgrade your ship to make your way safely across the Strait — without getting eaten by Charybdis or wrecked by Scylla. Finish the territory to unlock an Avatar, Music Theme, Jump Stamp, and Global Emote! 

This Update is already jam packed with Charybdis, the Odyssey, and the Toon Mania Skin but there’s one more thing to talk about: Bacchanalia! We’re celebrating with a Community Calendar Event. Get community designed cosmetics just for logging in and playing Smite. The Classic Bacchus Skin is making a grand appearance as a reward for the Event! With everything in the Ceaseless Whirlpool Update, I hope you’re as excited as to hop in and join the festivities. See you on the battleground!

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