Inked: A Tale of Love

Embark on a Stunning Journey of Love and Hope with Inked: A Tale of Love


  • Hand-drawn adventure puzzle game – Inked: A Tale of Love is now available on Xbox One
  • Inked: A Tale of Love (also known as Inked) features immersive soundtracks, beautiful scenery, and a heart-warming story.
  • Through solving puzzles, players will experience the world of pen and paper while unraveling a heart-warming story.

Hi, Players at Xbox,

Our unique hand-drawn adventure puzzle game – Inked: A Tale of Love (also known as Inked) is now available on Xbox One.

Inked is a puzzle game that’s rich in narrative. In this game, you will play as the Nameless Hero whose loved one is taken away by the Artist who created the world you lived in. Through solving the puzzles that the artist made for you, you move closer and closer to unravel a heartbreaking story about love and hope.

Inked: A Tale of Love

The game features masterful soundtracks and beautiful hand-drawn scenery that will allow you to be immersed in the world created by the artist. Each level is unique and different in terms of its visual, sound, and gameplay, and you will be able to truely experinece the world that the Artist created for you just like our protagonist does in our game.

The gameplay mechanism of Inked can be simple yet engaging. It will carry you throughout your journey in this world of pen and paper. By using the geometric shapes around you, you will solve puzzles one after another. Each puzzle will bring you closer to the clues that unravel the truth behind the artist, and each puzzle will carry consequences that you must pay back in the end.

Inked: A Tale of Love is out on Xbox today, retailing for $9.99 on Microsoft Store. The stage is set, and the fates are inked, it’s time for you to play along.

Xbox Live

Inked: A Tale of Love

Nuverse (Hong Kong) Limited

ABOUT THE GAME The land seemed peaceful now, so the Nameless Hero put his sword aside. However, his adventures were not over – he had to begin a perilous journey when he lost his true love, the beautiful painter Aiko. Armed only with his wits, his valor, and a magical paintbrush, he would soon discover how the pen can be mightier than the sword. Inked is a hand-drawn puzzle adventure set in a mythological world of beautiful ballpoint pen landscapes, inspired by Japanese folk tales. As the Nameless Hero, explore 10 different minimalistic worlds searching for your lost love Aiko, using your magical paintbrush to solve puzzles in a heartwarming story that will move and shake you to the core. Explore 10 hand-drawn different paper worlds full of beautiful landscapes, fauna and flora, and awe-inspiring architecture that will marvel you at every step. The path in front of you is full of hazards and perils, and you’ll have to solve them to get your soulmate back. Use your magical paintbrush to draw geometrical shapes to clear obstacles and solve puzzles. Following the Nameless Hero’s steps, there is a mysterious voice – the Artist, the person who drew the world where the adventure takes place. Your story and his are connected in many ways – and your journey will touch your hearts and change you forever. Inked is a wholesome narrative-driven puzzle game, a heart-warming story about loss and hope in a time where we all need some comfort. With its stunningly unique visuals, its emotional soundtrack, warm voiceover, and clever puzzles, Inked feels like cold water to a weary soul.