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Xbox Cloud Gaming Launches in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico

Cloud Gaming International Launch

At Xbox, our mission is simple: bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet. To achieve that, we aspire to empower everyone to play the games they want, with the people they want, anywhere they want.

We are creating a future that combines the gaming heritage of Xbox and the power of Azure. A future where we bring high fidelity, immersive games to more than 3 billion players around the world. We’re now taking another step forward to reach that vision: Xbox Cloud Gaming as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is launching in Brazil and Mexico later today, and Australia and Japan on October 1, as announced at Tokyo Game Show.

With this launch, players in each of these countries can play over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles that are cloud-enabled and localized for their country on supported Windows PCs, Android phones and tablets, and Apple phones and tablets. This means players have the ability to continue their Gears 5 campaign on an entry-level laptop even if it’s not a gaming rig, jump into a Sea of Thieves game with a friend using just an iPhone, or try out a brand-new title on an Android tablet. Players in these countries will also be able to play highly-anticipated upcoming Game Pass titles like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Back 4 Blood from the cloud.   

With the expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming to gamers in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico, we’re now opening the opportunity for over one billion people in 26 countries across five continents to be able to play Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud on their phones, tablets and PCs. Since cloud gaming is powered by custom Xbox Series X consoles, that means these games are being played on an Xbox in the cloud, bringing faster load times and improved frame rates to the gameplay experience.

While cloud gaming supports a range of controllers, we also want to be sure all players feel welcome or can play if they find themselves without a controller. To do so we’ve built support for touch controls on select games like Minecraft Dungeons and Hades, with more games gaining touch support over time.

This journey to bring Cloud Gaming to these four new countries has been a true community partnership. As we’ve tested through our preview program, we have learnt so much from the gamers who participated. Thanks to players in Brazil, who filled our cloud gaming servers even before we announced our Preview launch. And gamers in Mexico who made Gears 5 our most played game in preview. In Australia and Japan, it has been awesome to see the embrace of touch controls with Minecraft Dungeons. We simply wouldn’t be here today without this partnership, thank you.

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