Black Desert - Halloween Event

New Dungeon and Halloween Events Now Live in Black Desert


  • One of Black Desert‘s largest content updates of 2021 is now live!
  • New Dungeon and Halloween events are underway.
  • Play Black Desert today with Xbox Game Pass.

One of the biggest content updates of 2021 for Black Desert is underway with the introduction of its new season server, Season+, the second act of the all-new Atoraxxion dungeon, and the game’s all-new Halloween-themed events.

Black Desert - Halloween Event

Season+ is a bolstered season server which has undergone several improvements since the previous season by implementing feedback from the Black Desert community. Season Servers in Black Desert allow adventurers to level their characters more quickly and efficiently than in regular server channels. In this Season+ server, Adventurers can complete their Season pass and Black Spirit pass, which will award them with Weapon Exchange Coupons. Enhancement chances for Tuvala gear and accessories have been greatly improved and additional valuable rewards will be provided for completing main quests.

Black Desert - Halloween Event

Atoraxxion is a co-op dungeon designed specifically to introduce new PvE content challenged by groups of five Adventurers. Following the desert-themed Atoraxxion act Vahmalkea, the new Sycrakea act has been updated to offer a mysterious yet beautiful dungeon located under the water. Adventurers can enter Sycrakea by using a Talibre’s Tear in the Ancient Stone Chamber or through Elribta’s Door.

Black Desert - Halloween Event

Sycrakea has a higher level of difficulty than Vahmalkea. Adventurers can discover and clear a new array of puzzles and challenges while hunting monsters, including the ultimate boss, Centilutos. The Power Supply system is the winning strategy for defeating Centilutos, so controlling this system in cooperation with others will be key.

Black Desert - Halloween Event

Marni, the mad scientist of Black Desert, built a Spooky Playground for this year’s Halloween event, specially designed to send shivers up one’s spine. House of Horrors contains a chilling quest where players need to find the teddy bear of a weeping child. In their search, they will encounter many ghosts and have to traverse other obstacles hidden in the darkness. Adventurers will need to transform into a pumpkin ghost to be able to interact with chests that may or may not contain the teddy bear. Completing the quest rewards players with Contribution EXP 100 and a Clickety-clack Clockwork event item can be exchanged for Memory Fragments, a highly valuable consumable item used for fixing the durability of gear.

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