Silver Chains Is Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

Silver Chains

Headup Games

After his car hit a tree in a stormy night, Peter wakes up in an old abandoned mansion, somewhere in England. He can´t remember why and how he got here, but soon he realises that the house is not as abandoned as it seems. While trying to find a way out of the house, Peter has to uncover the dark secrets of what has happened in this place. As he tries to find his way out, Peter discovers hints which indicate that he has already been here before. But by the time he’s starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together, something evil has picked up his trail… Solve puzzles to find out how you are connected to the mysteries of this place. But be careful: Something evil lurks in the cold, dark masonry and it has already started hunting you…
Product Info:
Developer: Cracked Heads
Publisher: Headup Games
Website: Silver Chains
Twitter: @cracked_heads@HeadupGames

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