Horror is Deep Fried in Happy’s Humble Burger Farm

Grab your cooking apron and fire up the grill, it’s almost time to start your shift! A Cooking Sim clashes with Horror Adventure in the truly memorable experience, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm!

On shift, your duties are clear – make sandwiches, throw nuggets and fries in the oil, fill up drinks, and serve customers.


Don’t take too long or make any mistakes, though; three infractions are all you’re allowed. Upon the third mistake you’ll be paid a visit by the terrifying Happy the Humble Heifer, a twisted mutation of the restaurant’s mascot. Happy demands perfection.


Off shift, your goal is to uncover the mysteries of your very existence. When did you arrive at New Elysian City? Why are you working at this strange restaurant? Why are all the people so eerily quiet? What are those noises coming from the other buildings in the city? Investigate the city and discover clues like audio tapes and research papers, things others have left behind.


Unfortunately, your only co-worker and neighbor Toe doesn’t have the answers you’re looking for.

Will you survive this Fast-Food Fever Dream? Or will you become yet another casualty of the terrifying demonic mascots who stalk the restaurant and city?


Players who finish the Story Mode will unlock “Endless Mode,” a distraction-free cooking sim. Players can also enjoy over two hours of “”talk radio” content jam packed with cameos, over 60 short television programs, and 14 full albums of music on the jukebox!

Pre-order on Xbox early to get 10% off the price of the game! (It’ll also make Happy the Humble Heifer really Happy! Trust us…you want to keep her happy…)

Xbox Live

Happy's Humble Burger Farm


Congratulations, you’ve just been hired to work the night shift! You’ll be all by yourself, but we trust you can handle it… You’ll be grilling patties, operating deep fryers, and pouring drinks at our quiet restaurant on the edge of town. The customers sure do love the menu; they can’t get enough of the Happy’s Deluxe, Fantastic Fowl, and Poppin’ Pork sandwiches. The fries and salmon nugs are also a big hit. I hear rumors of Happy-Dogs and desserts in the near future, too! When each customer makes an order, it’s up to you to make a plan and execute it well. If you give customers the wrong order, or take too long, it’ll count as an infraction. If you get three of those infractions, well… let’s just say Happy the Humble Heifer isn’t as joyful when the customers are upset. DO NOT UPSET HAPPY. TRUST US. But hey, you’ll do fine! Just as long as you don’t upset Happy, you’ll do great! We believe in you!