Before We Leave Touches Down In Xbox Game Pass Soon

Kia ora koutou katoa! Hi everyone!

We’re excited to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our interplanetary city builder Before We Leave on Xbox Game Pass.

Before We Leave is a city builder set in a cozy corner of the universe. Players are introduced to the ‘Peeps’ – a civilization re-emerging from beneath the earth after being driven underground by a long-forgotten but devastating event. They’ll need to nurture the newly surfaced Peeps and grow a thriving community, all while remaining environmentally conscious and keeping an eye out for passing Space Whales, who certainly wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a cheeky chomp of their planet.

planet screenshot

Featuring six unique biomes and numerous islands to explore, this charming mini-universe is packed with all the things players will need to keep their Peeps happy: food, shelter, and a bit of entertainment. They’ll also need to keep a close eye on their resources and pollution levels to avoid damaging their planets and impacting the mental and physical well-being of their Peeps.


Once they’re ready, the sky’s the limit, and players can leave the confines of their home planet to explore the solar system, establish new settlements, research ancient technologies, and set up interplanetary trade routes to ensure a smooth exchange of goods and services.

Before We Leave arrives in Xbox Game Pass November 23rd.