Live Death to the Fullest with the Necroids Species Pack for Stellaris Console Edition

Hey everyone, Daniel Moregård, here, Game Director on Stellaris: Console Edition Spooky season is upon us, and with the turning of the leaves also comes the latest expansion for Stellaris: Console Edition. Introducing the Necroids Species Pack, the latest and final addition to Stellaris: Console Edition’s fourth expansion pass. This deadly serious expansion summons more portraits, civics, ship sets and other cosmetics from beyond the grave, and it’s available now on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The Necroids Species Pack features “the usual” fresh selection of portraits, civics, ship sets and other cosmetics for players – but it also goes far beyond that by adding three novel civics, the Necrophage origin and the all-consuming Chamber of Elevation. This is a pack for those who embrace the afterlife and aren’t afraid to spend every day like it’s their last… or, depending on how you look at it, their first!

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Necroids can start in one of three civics, each centered around death, undead armies, and the darker side of the galaxy. These principles allow you to enable powerful edicts, deploy hordes of zombie-like soldiers, and erect monuments to your galaxy’s past.

For those looking to join a literal Death Cult (available if you choose the Spiritualist or Fanatic Spiritualist ethic), you’ll gain access to Death Priests and Mortal Initiates. You can even sacrifice those Initiates for empire-wide bonuses. 

On the other hand, you can be a Memorialist who is obsessed with building monuments, tombs, shrines, and sanctuaries commemorating the dead. These can be built on tomb worlds and relic worlds. You’ll have access to the fanatical Death Chroniclers, whose studious preparation for their final moments make them a powerhouse in both unity and research.

Last but not least is the Reanimated Armies civic, allowing players to raise the warlike dead. This civic replaces your military building and turns it into a Dread Encampment, where you can recruit entire armies of the Undead to do your bidding.

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Necrophage Origin

This species pack introduces the Necrophage, a unique origin players can choose at the start of the game. This bone chilling origin starts you on a regular Homeworld of your climate choice, with 30 total pops (18 Necrophage, 12 Prepatent). No food? No worries, as this species of near-immortals procreates by consuming rival populations – to extend their leaders’ unnaturally lengthy life spans. The squirmish need not apply.

The Necrophage origin isn’t picky – you don’t need to select a Necroid appearance to benefit from its ghoulish power. This means that any species – humanoids, reptiles, synthetics, and all the other races you’d expect in a grand sci-fi Space Opera can choose this origin, too. The downside? You literally worship death, and your followers aren’t exactly motivated by this – you’ll get a lower resource output and (duh) a lower population growth.


Enter The Chamber

So how do you grow your Necroids, with severely limited population growth? Glad you asked! By literally subsuming entire cultures into their own. Every time you take over a new world, you’ll want to construct a Chamber of Elevation. Depending on your ethics, you’ll use the Chamber of Elevation to either convert the planet’s populace to your death cult willingly…or by force.

But Wait, There’s More!

Necroids also provides 16 new portraits, a new ship set, advisor voiceover, city set, name lists and building appearances.

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If you prefer Halloween over Christmas, most of your clothes are black, and you go straight to the horror section when firing up Netflix – this one’s for you! The Necroids Species Pack is available now. 

Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack

Paradox Interactive

Necroids, an intelligent undead species that live death to the fullest, will allow players to form empires that thrive where others might perish – and perish that others might thrive! The Necroids Species Pack features a brand new selection of portraits, civics, ship sets and other cosmetics for players who don’t fear the afterlife, and a unique Necrophage origin with new civics. The Necroids Species Pack includes: NEW ORIGIN The Necrophage Origin offers players a powerful primary species which consumes others within its grasp, blurring the line between cult and empire with three unique civics. New cosmetic changes will reincarnate playthroughs of Stellaris for long time players, while also bringing new life to killer empires. 4 NEW CIVICS Death Cult: enables powerful edicts which require the sacrificing of pops Reanimators: allows the deployment of morality-immune, undead armies. Leaving your Necromancers alone with slain Leviathans can lead to … unexpected results. Permanent Employment: a variant of the Reanimators civic for Megacorps that ensures that the mortally impaired continue to add value to the company’s bottom line. Forever. Memorialists: erect monuments to the galaxy’s past, improving planetary stability and honouring tomb worlds COSMETICS ● 16 new portraits (15 organic, 1 robotic) ● New ship set ● New advisor voiceover ● New city set & diplomacy room ● New Name lists ● New building appearances Some features may require content sold separately