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Introducing Out of Line on Xbox One

Out of Line is a beautiful 2D side-scrolling platformer puzzle game with awesome hand-drawn assets. Incarnate San, a child yearning for freedom, carries a spear that he will use in order to solve the different puzzles ahead. That spear reacts to elements, but also sticks well to walls and other blocking elements. This spear helps San elevate himself in areas where he needs it, and solve the puzzles ahead as this will be the player’s main tool to solve them! Indeed, here the spear is used as a tool, not a weapon. While this helps to convey important personality traits for San, it also is the core concept that defines the broad gameplay experience of Out of Line.


In this journey, the player will have to trust his spear and avoid being caught by very odd machines that keep hunting him while overcoming a series of obstacles and puzzles, in search of meaning and freedom, in this strange world. With the help of multiple friends San will encounter along the way, he’ll have to solve multiple puzzles and learn the true lesson of this amazing journey !


Each new level, the player is given the opportunity to discover and interpret what Out of Line is all about. The journey gives meaning and a sense of purpose to the art, levels and game mechanics as well as the puzzles. Instead of making heavy use of text or a voice-over, it’s the player’s curiosity for exploration and interaction with the world that conveys the story.


The side scroller evokes multiple emotions depending on the area you are in. Each new area evokes a new story that the player is free to interpret until they reach the end. The puzzles are first handedly easy to introduce new players to the genre to appreciate the game, but the more the player will play, the more difficult these puzzles will get.


However, the satisfaction each puzzle offers is a nice touch to the gameplay. Get to experience a challenging side-scroller game while appreciating the beautiful artworks and story the game offers. Join San during his journey : buy Out of Line on Xbox One today!

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Out of Line

Hatinh Interactive

A unique adventure game filled with beautiful puzzles all hand-drawn in a unique 2D style! Join San on his introspective journey in his quest for identity and freedom. Discover several wonderful worlds where many obstacles await you. In Out of Line, you follow the adventures of San, on his quest to escape the factory that was once his home. Immerse yourself in this mysterious story and world, find and help new friends while browsing this wonderful 2D platform game!