Alpha Skip-Ahead Invitation

Are you interested in joining the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead rings?

The Xbox Insider team is excited to announce that we are looking for the next wave of Xbox Insiders interested in joining one of our Alpha rings.

Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead are “invite-only” rings that receive builds earlier than the rest of the Insider rings. Both rings may receive features that have not yet been released to other rings. Alpha Skip-Ahead usually receives builds that may be from a future release. Typically, Alpha receives the newest updates for the release that will land on GA (General Available) next. Users in these rings often submit critical feedback that helps us make Xbox great. For this wave, we’re targeting Alpha Skip-Ahead, but you will have the opportunity to request Alpha in a survey (more on this below). The latest 2202 release build in Alpha Skip-Ahead has some stability fixes to improve the gameplay experiences. For more details about 2202 and the Alpha Skip-Ahead, check out the latest release notes.

Are you curious about how we select individuals for the Alpha rings?

We don’t share specific details, but we look at a variety of factors like high-quality submitted feedback, quest/survey participation, and playing games. More importantly, we select users who let us know they are interested in participating!

Not sure if you want to join Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead? We have lots of details about all the Insider rings posted here.

Let Us Know You’re Interested

It doesn’t matter what ring you’re in or how long you’ve been a part of the Insider program! There is a new survey available now in the Insider Hub titled “Joining new rings.” Specific steps are here:

  1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your console
  2. Select Activities on the left
  3. Under Available, scroll down until you see Joining new rings
  4. Complete the survey!

Are you already in Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead but want to switch? Let us know in the survey!

That’s all there is to it! You will receive a notice on your console if you are selected to participate. There are limited spots available so completing the survey does not guarantee an invitation. You also might be selected for a different ring than what you indicated in the survey.

One more thing to keep in mind: if you receive the invitation to either of the Alpha rings, please join as soon as possible. Invitations themselves are not guarantees for participation because spots are very limited.

Received an invitation but unsure what the next step is?

If you receive an invitation, follow these easy steps to register:

  • Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox console
  • Select Previews
  • Select Xbox Update Preview
  • Select Manage
  • Choose the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, then select Done
  • Take the required console update

What preview ring am I in now?

If you’re not sure which preview ring your console is enrolled into, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox console
  • Select Previews
  • Select Xbox Update Preview
  • Select Manage
  • You’re current ring will be indicated there

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