Dauntless: Call to Arms Update

Dauntless Now Available on Xbox Series X|S

We’re excited to announce that with the release of the recent Call to Arms update, Dauntless is now natively available on Xbox Series X|S!

Dauntless is Better Than Ever on Xbox Series X|S

With this new version of the game, we’re taking full advantage of the power of the new consoles, significantly upgrading visuals across the whole game. Lighting and atmospheric effects are higher quality, environment and character detail has been increased, and other elements such as water and foliage have been overhauled. On Xbox Series X, Dauntless runs at a dynamic 4K resolution targeting 60 frames-per-second, and the Xbox Series S also gets all of these visual improvements at 1440p/60fps.

For those who have already been playing Dauntless on Xbox One, you’ll get the new version of the game as an update via Smart Delivery, and there is full cross-play and automatic cross-save between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S version of the game. You’ll also enjoy the radically faster load times throughout the game to get you back into the hunt as fast as possible.


Face the Living Blade

Across both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game, the Call to Arms update also adds a new Behemoth to hunt: the fearsome Sahvyt. This new Shock element behemoth is quick and deadly, and comes with a whole new gear and weapon set to earn. If you want to go blade-to-blade, our Chain Blades weapon has also received a gameplay refresh, with piercing attacks and new combos.

Alongside new seasonal quests and challenges to complete, this update includes a bounty of new cosmetics to earn from the Reward Cache and the Krolachi Warlords Hunt Pass. And we’ve added 36 new achievements (for 1000 Gamerscore!) to chase, taking you across all the new hunts, modes, and other features we’ve added since our initial launch back in 2019.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

To celebrate our Call to Arms update and the arrival of Dauntless on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now claim a new and exclusive bundle through Perks. This contains the Poison Drake’s Eye lantern skin with trail, the Monster Breath emote, 14 days of membership to the Slayer’s Club, boosting your earnings of seasonal currency and Escalation mode experience, and 25 Patrol Keys to claim treasure from chests across the Shattered Isles.

Clear skies, Slayers. We’ll see you in the Shattered Isles!

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