One Hand Clapping Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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One Hand Clapping


One Hand Clapping is a vocal 2D platformer. Solve puzzles, by singing or humming into your microphone, and find confidence in the power of your voice as it changes the world around you. One Hand Clapping is a relaxing, inspiring puzzle platformer that focuses on vocal input to progress through its vibrant world. Build confidence in your voice as you utilize melody, rhythm, and harmony as your tools. Take your time. You have nothing to lose and won’t get punished for making a mistake. Meet loveable characters who will assist you and cheer you on and inspire self-expression without being pushy. You don’t have to be a vocalist prodigy to enjoy One Hand Clapping. Just conquer your doubts, battle the silence, and sing your song. Just hook up a microphone and you’re good to go!
Product Info:
Developer: Bad Dream Games
Publisher: HandyGames
Twitter: @baddreamgames / @handy_games

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