FightNJokes Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live


Mental Drink Ltd

Play across the world, and the galaxy in weird, wacky and wonderful locations that are sure to keep our players amused. “This ain’t your grand daddy’s fighting game”. FightNJokes is a semi-humorous retro style 2D fighting game created from original IP while taking a gentle poke at the more serious sides of Fighting Games. Don't be confused, FightNJokes may not take itself too seriously, there is a real solid, fun combat and fighting experience here. FightNJokes is designed in a unique hand-drawn retro style palette simulating 256 colors, with old school style pixel graphics and effects with fast fluid 60 frames per seconds animations.
Product Info:
Developer: Mental Drink
Publisher: Mental Drink
Website: FightNJokes
Twitter: @MentalDrink / @fightnjokes

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