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Gifts and Gear for DC Universe Online’s Anniversary

It’s… 2022? Guess it is finally time to say goodbye to last year! The entire DC Universe Online team would like to thank the Xbox community for another year together. We explored the altered timeline of The World of Flashpoint, joined forces in the new House of Legends player hub, and are currently confronting Perpetua and the Legion of Doom. Just a reminder – these, and all episodes, are now free for all Xbox One players.

Free Player and Member Gifts

January 11, 2022 marks the 11th anniversary of DC Universe Online. To celebrate this milestone, all Xbox One players can claim an anniversary gift pack with over $50 worth of items through the end of January. You’ll get a 2022 LexCorp Salvation gear suit with a CR310 Character Advance. This takes players right up to the content in Episode 39: Long Live the Legion! In addition, there is a new Bleed material and two base item posters to deck those base lairs out.

DC Universe Online

Speaking of base lairs, DC Universe Online members get even more! Much, much more with over $75 in additional goodies. Items include a new House of Legends themed base lair with over a dozen base items (also available in the in-game marketplace), a new Bleed Chroma, and Reward Box with an artifact cache, Seal of Preservation, Ally favor, and more. Not a member? Become one today and claim these member-only items by January 31, 2022.

Anniversary Event Returns

The anniversary event, Attack of the Anti-Monitor, returns this year with new items. Xbox players can earn a Bling version of the 2022 LexCorp Salvation gearsuit, Bleed Auras, a Floating Harbinger Accessory, and more! Head over to Anti-Matter Metropolis today. If you are looking to really test your skills, check out the Elite version of the Speed Force Flux raid alongside The Flash and Professor Zoom.

DC Universe Online

Again, thank you heroes and villains for all these amazing years together as we look ahead to 2022. No spoilers… yet. Make sure to follow our official social channels to stay up to date on in-game events, new releases, and more.

Download and Play Free Today

DC Universe Online is free to play for all Xbox One players. All episodes are free to access for everyone, so you can play alongside your friends no matter the content.

New or returning? Download DCUO for free from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One. Once you start the game, choose your morality, mentor, and powers to use in battle. Then create and customize your unique character to begin your adventures in the iconic DC universe!

For additional content details and guides to get started in DCUO, please visit us at DCUniverseOnline.com.

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DC Universe™ Online is now on Xbox One! Join thousands of other players in this Free-to-Play, massive online action game set in the popular DC Comics universe. Choose your side – Hero or Villain – and create your character to experience true action combat, as you fight alongside and against legendary characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Lex Luthor, and Circe. Jump in and explore the DC Universe; walk the darkened streets of Gotham City, investigate the mysteries of the futuristic cityscape of Metropolis, and travel to legendary locations such as Arkham Asylum and the Watchtower. The Xbox One version of DC Universe Online includes the following: – Xbox One Exclusive items: Powered-Up Character Emblem + Powered-Up Cape + Vapor Aura! Become a part of our thriving community at DCUniverseOnline.com! Certain portions of the game, including online multiplayer and other online features, are not accessible by child accounts. “Child” means players under the age of 13, unless local laws specify differently. Please note the download is around 63 GB and could take several hours, but it’s worth the wait! Bandwidth requirements may exceed 192 Kb.