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Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational with Boom TV Featuring Minecraft and a $30,000 Prize Pool

PC Game Pass is hosting our second Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational with Boom TV, this time, featuring Minecraft. Our last invitational was truly legendary when we had the top streamers and pro players battle it out in Halo Infinite. This time we’re inviting popular Minecraft streamers and content creators to see who runs the block with a prize pool of $30,000. Tune in so you can see the next level Minecraft skill on full display.

Minecraft Invitational

We’re having this tournament because Game Pass Has PC Games, and we want to celebrate some of the 100+ games that are available with PC Game Pass. Since November 2, Minecraft has been available with PC Game Pass, and for the first time ever, we’ve been able to access both the Java and Bedrock Editions.

To fully embrace this moment in time, we are partnering with Boom TV yet again to put together this fun event for fans to enjoy some Minecraft content. Boom TV developed a full-fledged escape room tournament that will require players to use puzzle solving skills, strategy, Minecraft knowledge, and teamwork to come out victorious.

Join the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational Hub on Boom TV, so that you never miss an event. Through the hub, you’ll be able to complete challenges to win sweet prizes and participate in community events with Boom TV.  Sign up now and get started!

UrAvgConsumer will be returning with his custom Minecraft themed PC build that’ll be given to a lucky participant whose clip is voted the Game Pass Has PC Games Craftiest Moment, so make sure you stay tuned to Boom TV’s Twitter to cast your vote and get all the latest updates. Last time, LEGIQN won an Esharum themed PC for having the Game Pass Has PC Games Legendary Moment, so tune in to see which influencer will take home UrAvgConsumer’s build this month.

Minecraft Invitational - Date and Time

Don’t forget to watch the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational unfold live on Boom TV. There you have it; we’ll see you on January 28. Until then, enjoy a ton of awesome games with PC Game Pass. Join now to get your first month for $1