Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale is Now Live on Xbox

A plan to bring undeath to the dragons across Faerûn and beyond. Familiar enemies banding together to rain destruction upon Neverwinter. An alliance of the great factions. And Grappling Hooks. The newest module, Dragonbone Vale, will once again ask adventurers of the Forgotten Realms to swing into action and put a stop to the dangers that threaten Neverwinter.

Foes & Factions

The return of the lich Valindra Shadowmantle alone would be sufficient to cause fear in most. However, it is her joining of forces with the Cult of the Dragon that drives the four great factions to ally and form the Shield of the North. The Lords’ Alliance commanded by the familiar Sergeant Knox, the Emerald Enclave lead by the bard Etrien Sael, the Order of the Gauntlet lead by the hero Celeste, and the Harpers will offer you, adventurer, the aid and resources to put a stop to the Rite of the Dracolich!


New Adventure Zone & Travel Mechanics

In Dragonbone Vale, players will travel through a new Adventure Zone, divided into separate neighborhoods each under the care of one of the factions. The Whetstone Thicket, overseen by the Emerald Enclave, is a more wooded portion of the Vale where magical research seeking a way to cleanse the land of the corruption is taking place. The Lords’ Alliance has constructed a formidable fort in the center of the valley, The Quellwater Tarn, which serves as a base for scouting and supply runs while also pushing back against members of the Cult of the Dragon intent on attack the war camp. The final neighborhood available at launch is Wyrmbone Marrows, a mass excavation site that once served as the resting place for dragons to spend their final moments. Here, the Order of the Gauntlet must hold back the red wizards of Thay and their twisted experiments. A final neighborhood, the Scaleblight Summit, awaits beyond a magical vortex barrier. While this area will remain unknown at the launch of the module, the Harpers are preparing to uncover its mysteries and secrets.


To navigate these areas, the Lords’ Alliance has asked their best smiths to work with Kavatos and the wizards of the Emerald Enclave on creating enchanting grappling hooks. In Dragonbone Vale, players will be able to use these unbreakable hooks to fling across great distances and heights! We hope this new travel mechanic aids in the exploration of the mountain range while also providing some thrilling moments over the landscape!

New Trial – The Crown of Keldegonn

In addition to the campaign and Heroic Encounters, a new trial will be available shortly after launch. In the 10-player Crown of Kedegonn, players will face a familiar and unwelcomed threat: the lich Valindra Shadowmantle. Joining her in the abandoned dwarven ruins is the dracolich Palhavorithyn; together these foes will test the skills of even the best-equipped party.


The trial will have both a Master and a Standard version, each with its own rewards, and consists of four separate phases:

  • In Phase 1, players will be introduced to a few of the fight’s mechanics in order to prepare the party for what is to come. The large space will provide ample room to run around and try different tactics.
  • Players will need to put their grappling skills to use in order to quickly arrive to Phase 2 or else regret making Palhavorithyn wait.
  • In Phase 3, Valindra and Palhavorithyn must be dealt with simultaneously, with the lich shielded from and reflecting any damage that comes her way as long as the dragon is on the field.
  • Your party will need to drive him off in order to make Valindra vulnerable and finally reach the final phase. In Phase 4, your party will face an unleashed Palhavorithyn and the seething rage of his powerful roars.

The threats in Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale are vast and stopping the mythal rite will require the effort of the most stalwart adventurers. Rewards await those who take on the dangers that await in this new module – will you join the Shield of the North and protect Faerûn once again?

Xbox Live


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