Infernax Is Now Available For PC, Xbox One, And Xbox Series X|S (Game Pass)

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The Arcade Crew

STORY Infernax is the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland only to find it plagued with unholy magic. While on your quest to find and destroy the source of this corruption by any means necessary, you will face ruthless creatures, dangerous beasts, and precarious terrains. FACE THE CONSEQUENCES Every decision you make is crucial, would you rather: ⦁ slay or help someone? ⦁ use your experience gained from slashing monsters to get more life, mana or damage? Think well before deciding on what to do my friend. A single choice can change the game; remember that thing you did to that guy? Farmer Pepper remembers. CONSEQUENCE FACES Smash as many monsters as you can to get some money, spend your savings to buy better weapons and armors from the blacksmith, gear up and get stronger for this journey of smashing even more faces! Every choice you make open up different side quests to obtain powerful weapons and skills or money Storm the Castle and slay their bosses before more innocent fall to the mysterious curse that plagues your land.. In the end, only you can rid the land of Upel of these monsters, whichever way you decide to do it; you do you, dude.. DEUX OR DIE UPDATE Return to the lands of Upel as the Duke Alcedor, this time joined by your trusty squire Cervul as you attempt to regain control from the forces that plague your dutchy. The new mode is playable as a standard 2-player local co-op or as one player hot-swap mode that allows a single person to control both characters by switching on the fly. Use Cervul's various tools to bring victory, or ruin, to the land and the people that inhabit it in this newly rebalanced version of the game!

NOTE: This game leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. 
Product Info:
Developer: Berzerk Studio
Publisher: The Arcade Crew
Website: Infernax
Twitter: @berzerkstudio / @TheArcadeCrew / @infernax

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