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Live, Love, Slay. Infernax is Coming Your Way This Valentine’s Day


  • Infernax is a gory love-letter to retro action classics that’s here to steal your heart. Very much like romance, Infernax is capable of both pain and pleasure. Come wade through evil as we talk about our labor of passion.

An Impossible Love

When they said we needed to write a piece explaining how Infernax is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we thought surely it was a task beyond the grasp of mere mortals. It’s a pixel game where you wade knee-deep through the forces of evil, while spraying gore around like a mace-wielding fire-hydrant. But then we realized Valentine’s Day is all about hearts. No one specified that those hearts need to stay inside their respective bodies, and if that sounds like a good time… boy have we got a game for you.

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Writing a Love Letter

We’re not here to compare Infernax to the many awesome retro-inspired titles out there, because we’re doing something different. Better? Who knows, we’re incredibly biased so we’ll confidently say yes. What we’re hoping for players is not to feel as though they’re playing a game in 2022 based on games from the early 90’s, we hope to unlock the power of mind travel in them so they can revert to a childlike state and enjoy our game with fresh, unjaded eyes, like they once did so many years ago. Turn the lights down low, maybe light a scented candle, slip into your most alluring footy pajamas, and lock the doors because it’s gonna be a long evening.

An Harsh Mistress

We’ve spent the last years carefully crafting this rose of a game, but like roses, if you’re not careful, you’re gonna get stabbed! Infernax is not for the faint of hearts, in more ways than one.

Like the frozen lands of Quebec from which we hail, the difficulty is unforgiving to say the least. Monsters hiding in every dark corner ready to flay the delicate skin right off your bones, bosses that will make you worry you’ll taste your delicious fondue dinner twice— even the terrain seems like it’s out to get you.

To get back to the rose analogy, if you take the time to learn what makes it tick, if you find just the right spot to hold it, you will find yourself rewarded with pure, unbridled satisfaction.

What does make a rose tick? We’re seriously asking, it’s a plant, why would it tick? In hindsight, the metaphor makes no sense.

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Married to Destiny

In Infernax, you are the master of your destiny, every decision you make will impact your adventure. It’s like when you are on a date, sure, you could pick the hot cheetos deep fried ghost pepper tacos, but are you really, really ready for the repercussions of your choices? These actions won’t only affect you. The world around you will change, people will look at you differently; will your date look at you in admiration… or disgust? Yeah, I’m still talking about tacos, but it’s actually an analogy about Infernax. Depending on your moral choices, the denizens of the world will act differently around you. Maybe they’ll respect you more, maybe you’ll start a quarrel between two neighbors, you, and only you, get to decide. Also, if you want the tacos, always follow your heart.

These branching paths also affect your character, some skills will be dictated by your choices, making your decision more than just cosmetic. Your actions can unlock specific powers, and no, this time I’m really not talking about the tacos, we’re done with them now.

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An Ever-Burning Passion

They say (these people have been made up for this anecdote) that the more you wait for something, the more wonderful it is once you finally have it. Is this wisdom relating to true love? We don’t know, we just make games. But what we do know is that Infernax is the result of true, raw passion; what else could have made us spend over ten years on this game other than that?

We truly hope you will find room in your hearts to play our game, or room in someone else’s heart, we’re not picky really, just play our game.

Infernax is available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.

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The Arcade Crew

STORY Infernax is the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland only to find it plagued with unholy magic. While on your quest to find and destroy the source of this corruption by any means necessary, you will face ruthless creatures, dangerous beasts, and precarious terrains. FACE THE CONSEQUENCES Every decision you make is crucial, would you rather: ⦁ slay or help someone? ⦁ use your experience gained from slashing monsters to get more life, mana or damage? Think well before deciding on what to do my friend. A single choice can change the game; remember that thing you did to that guy? Farmer Pepper remembers. CONSEQUENCE FACES Smash as many monsters as you can to get some money, spend your savings to buy better weapons and armors from the blacksmith, gear up and get stronger for this journey of smashing even more faces! Every choice you make open up different side quests to obtain powerful weapons and skills or money Storm the Castle and slay their bosses before more innocent fall to the mysterious curse that plagues your land.. In the end, only you can rid the land of Upel of these monsters, whichever way you decide to do it; you do you, dude.. DEUX OR DIE UPDATE Return to the lands of Upel as the Duke Alcedor, this time joined by your trusty squire Cervul as you attempt to regain control from the forces that plague your dutchy. The new mode is playable as a standard 2-player local co-op or as one player hot-swap mode that allows a single person to control both characters by switching on the fly. Use Cervul's various tools to bring victory, or ruin, to the land and the people that inhabit it in this newly rebalanced version of the game!