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Storm the Highlands in Chivalry 2’s House Aberfell Update – Out Now!

Greetings knights! Chivalry 2’s first update of 2022 is here! And with it comes an onslaught of content that’s just the beginning of what’s sure to be another excellent year for the game. House Aberfell sees the Mason Order and Agatha Knights taking to the highlands in a Braveheart-inspired battle for freedom and supremacy. There’s so much in store for when you dive into House Aberfell, so we’ve gathered together the biggest details. Read further to learn a little more about what’s in store for House Aberfell!


New Team Objective Map: The Raid on Aberfell

Inspired by the sparse beauty of northern Scotland, The Raid on Aberfell sees the Agathians infiltrating the birth land of the Mason Order’s King Malric as the Masons fight to defend with help from the heretical druids. Charged with defending the Mason Order’s sacred stones, top scoring players are given the opportunity to play as the druids, complete with various animal-themed helmets and staffs that’ll knock your greaves off.

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Pork n’ Bees

As part of the sacking of the village of Aberfell, attacking players will join forces to… steal pigs! Capture livestock and peasants by carrying them on your shoulder to deny the Mason Order’s access to food and labor.

And for the first time in the history of the Chivalry franchise, players can look forward to the introduction of weaponized bees. While exploring the new Raid on Aberfell Team Objective map, be sure to keep an eye out for oversized beehives.

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New Weapon: Highland Sword

The Highland Sword makes its gore-ious debut in House Aberfell, and it really packs a wallop! Equip this unwieldy leviathan of a blade to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, and maybe lop a few limbs off for good measure.

House Aberfell is the first of many planned updates for Chivalry 2 this year. We can’t wait to show you even more medieval mayhem! For more on Chivlary 2’s House Aberfell update, be sure to check out the patch notes on our website and follow us on Twitter @ChivalryGame. We’ll see you on the battlefield fellow knights!

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