No Man’s Sky: Sentinel Update

No Man’s Sky: Sentinel Update Available Today


Over the winter, the No Man’s Sky team have enjoyed watching the Xbox and Game Pass Travellers taking the opportunity to secure the rewards from the Expeditions which we re-ran over the holidays. We’ve also been hard at work on some of the exciting things we have in store this year, including the first update of 2022 which releases on Xbox today. We’re calling it Sentinel.

As anyone who’s ever tried to scavenge resources from a closely guarded planet will attest, the Sentinels are a fearsome, omnipresent authority in the universe, vigilantly protecting their territory from looters and pillagers. Whether it’s the seemingly innocuous drones, the towering walkers or the rampant canine-like quadruped, the un-prepared Traveller triggers a Sentinel attack at their peril. 

No Man’s Sky: Sentinel Update

But over time seasoned Travellers have become savvy to the Sentinels’ defenses, and advances in technology and weaponry have diminished their ability to effectively guard their realms.

Seeing the threat posed by experienced survivors and the increasingly complacent way in which they have started to ransack even heavily guarded planets, the Sentinels have been developing a new and enhanced arsenal to bolster their defenses. New weaponry, shields, new types of drone, and a whole new class of Sentinel Exomech mean combat is now the most intense it’s ever been. Mysterious Sentinel PIllars have also been located, awaiting those who would raid their robotic archives for exclusive rewards…

No Man’s Sky: Sentinel Update

Fortunately, Travellers won’t have to rely on only their wits. Advancements have been made on both sides and experienced players will find a whole war-chest of weapons to counteract the heightened Sentinel threat. Stun grenades, neutron cannons, your own personal automated AI attack mech, and much, much more are available to those who accumulate the necessary expertise and know-how.

The Sentinel update also reveals more of the lore of the Sentinels, the Atlas, and their world of Glass. Where did they come from? Why are they so protective of their domains? Those who complete an extensive new chain of story-driven missions will unlock their very own friendly drone companion!

No Man’s Sky: Sentinel Update

Over five years and 17 updates later, many areas of No Man’s Sky have been upgraded and enhanced from base-building to visuals to multiplayer. The list goes on. The Sentinel update represents a deep and complete overhaul to one of the areas which we haven’t really focused on for a while – combat. We can’t wait for you to play.

Our journey continues.

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