Roboquest Brings FPS Mayhem to PC Game Pass


  • Roboquest (Game Preview) is now available with PC Game Pass, coming to Xbox Game Pass later this year Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Roboquest is a high octane, fast paced single-player and co-op FPS with roguelite elements and support for cross-platform play.
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Roboquest is a crazy intense fast FPS roguelite co-op cross-platform game that places an emphasis on inventive gunplay action and precise movements. Our game is set in 2750 on a scorched planet, where a teenage girl and desert scavenger named Max unearths an intact Guardian robot. You step into the shoes of the robot and take Max on an explosive journey through an ever-evolving series of vivid cel-shaded biomes — canyons, cities, and more — blasting the electric stuffing out of countless enemy bots along the way.

Since 2020, we have been in Open Development on Roboquest. This style of development has let us take the time we need to evolve the game creatively with the benefit of feedback and recommendations from our growing community of players. We’ve been able to quickly iterate and test new features and weapons, while constantly improving and balancing the game.


Back in June of 2021 we announced that the game was coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows platforms via Game Pass. From today, Roboquest is available on PC Game Pass as a Game Preview title and is coming to Xbox Game Pass later this year.

When I say blazing gameplay, I mean blazing fast action. Movement is super important in the game — you have to evade enemy hits and push forward constantly. When we started Roboquest, we wanted a game that mixed fast-paced FPS combat with fresh art direction and roguelite elements in a highly-polished, satisfying package that works. Players with a finely tuned eye and well-honed twitch finger coordination will have a blast.


As an example, in one of the biomes, you will face off against increasingly efficient Badbots and new bosses like Billy Boom, Lady Bug, and Sir Catercoaster. Enemy fire comes from multiple directions and elevations at once, and you need to be able to dodge, jump, and evade fire while blasting your enemies to bits with pinpoint precision.

As you progress, you will earn new upgrade perks that allow you to build your character and weapons in a specific way that suits your style of mayhem. Roboquest has a large and ever-growing variety of upgrade options to create the perfect bot-blasting machine. Different combinations of perks dramatically impact your playstyle letting you play the way you want.


Roboquest will be on Xbox and PC, and cross-platform play has always been a top priority. We want players to be able to jump into a co-op game with friends regardless of what platform they’re on. As of now, you use your friend list to find co-op partners, but in the future we’ll be adding random matchmaking to give everyone the chance to buddy up anytime. And we’re constantly fine tuning the platform balancing so players get a great experience regardless of platform. 

That’s it for now. We look forward to hearing from our PC Game Pass players as we move toward the Xbox Game Pass release later this year. 

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RyseUp Studios, Starbreeze Publishing

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Roboquest is a fast-paced FPS with Roguelite mechanics playable in singleplayer or 2 players co-op. Shoot and run your way through randomly generated environments, pick-up upgrades along the way and blast the powerful big bad bosses you encounter. Upgrade your basecamp and unlock persistent upgrades to customize your playstyle and dive further on each subsequent run.