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We Were Here Forever Is a Thrilling Co-op Puzzle Adventure

How good are you at solving puzzles? And, how good are you at keeping cool while solving puzzles… together… with a partner? Find out in We Were Here Forever, the upcoming game in our We Were Here series of co-op puzzle adventures, set in and around the haunted Antarctic Castle Rock.

You and a partner take the role of explorers who have somehow gotten caught up in the mystery of the castle. As with earlier games in the series, We Were Here Forever is all about cooperative, two-player exploration and puzzle solving. Since the first game, cooperation has been our keystone value when designing: you must work together to escape. Few puzzles can be solved alone, and often players need to share information via the walkie-talkies in order to progress. Talking is what will save you.


We Were Here revolves around a mysterious keep in the realms of Castle Rock. As explorers in the frozen Antarctic you come across this mysterious place, find out about the legend of the king and before you know it, you get trapped inside its walls, where you need to solve puzzles and find out many secrets in order to have a chance to escape. For We Were Here Forever we went beyond anything we’ve done before, packing every area with details that really bring each location to life, and for the first time players will have some decisions to make about where to explore and in what order!

The game begins in a dungeon hewn below the castle, but players will soon find themselves exploring further afield if they can find a way out of the keep. The settlement of Rockbury used to be a pleasant Dutch town, but a terrible curse  turned it into a shadow of its former self . Exploring once joyful places like the puppet workshop and the chapel may be daunting, but stay strong together and you will gain valuable knowledge that might help you escape. You can learn more about Rockbury and Castle Rock before exploring it in We Were Here Forever by watching our live-action video series: ‘We Were Here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock’. The first of six episodes is already available to watch, with the second one coming very soon! New episodes will be released every two weeks.

You begin the game imprisoned and split up in the keep’s dungeon – you won’t see your partner right away, but it won’t be too long until you can meet up. Varying the experience between side-by-side co-op and separated co-op worked really well in We Were Here Together, and we knew we had to bring it back for Forever. You will of course be separated again at times throughout your adventure, so it’s important to get used to keeping up regular communication. Let your partner know what you’re seeing, thinking, and feeling. You’ll need to combine your knowledge to solve puzzles, and something that looks like nonsense to you might be the missing piece of the puzzle for your partner.

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And if you think solving puzzles alone is satisfying, let us tell you, solving puzzles with someone else feels twice as good! Just be aware, besides solving puzzles and unraveling the mystery, your relationship with your partner might get tested as well;l but will most likely bond you together even closer in the long run. Playing online with strangers is also perfectly possible, and we added matchmaking now to make it easier! You might find yourself making an unexpected connection with your unknown partner. When you really get into it and immerse yourself in the moment, We Were Here Forever is an intimate experience like nothing else.


Each game in the We Were Here series is standalone, but if you’re a story fan we’d recommend you play Forever after completing the others. There are some major revelations coming – not to mention a chance for an audience with the King of Castle Rock. But, as our long-term fans will recognize, nothing will go exactly as planned, since there is always that other force interfering with your plans…The Jester.

You might learn more ahead of the We Were Here Forever release, about the dark shadow hanging over Castle Rock with the live-action video series as we mentioned before – but at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: can the two of you find the same wavelength, work as one, and uncover a way out? Or will you be trapped… forever?

We Were Here Forever launches this May on Xbox. Pick up We Were Here Together and get ready for what’s on the way!

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Embark on a puzzle solving adventure in which you and a partner must prove you can communicate and work together to escape the haunted Castle Rock. It all begins with an emergency flare lighting up the sky and a distress call waking you from uneasy dreams. Your fellow Antarctic explorers are in trouble, and the two of you left at base camp must work together to launch a rescue mission. If only you knew what you were getting into… From the research base camp you’ll need to figure out a way to get to the source of the distress flare. Once you’re through the frozen Antarctic wastes, you'll find yourselves separated inside a medieval castle, facing puzzles, secrets, and dangers! You and your partner start out with nothing but your wits and a walkie-talkie each. Observation, smart communication and teamwork will be the only way to escape from the sinister Castle Rock. Your voice will have to lead the way. You and your expedition partner must traverse the Antarctic wasteland and infiltrate a sinister medieval castle. All you start with is a pair of walkie-talkies – will you be able to work together on the same wavelength? Two minds will have to think alike. Immerse yourself in an intriguing cooperative experience as you and your partner puzzle your way through a series of thrilling situations. Discover brand new environments and mysteries, together. We were not alone… Darkness has engulfed the once magnificent Castle Rock and its surroundings. Can you discover the truth behind the grim fate of the fallen citadel and make it out alive… or will the original inhabitants catch you on your way out? Xbox Addict said: “We Were Here Together will give a cooperative adventure unlike any other…” PLAY MORE WE WERE HERE GAMES! Have you played every game in the series? We Were Here, We Were Here Too, We Were Here Together, We Were Here Forever, & We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip!