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No Man’s Sky: Outlaws Update Available Today

The No Man’s Sky Sentinel update from February saw an incredible number of Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass travelers leap back into the game to gear up with the increased firepower of the all-new weaponry (including the combat mech), and try and take on the might of the newly-equipped and bolstered Sentinel force.

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This month, players will encounter a new threat in the form of the emboldened space pirates as part of Outlaws, our 19th update. With it comes the opportunity to earn the pirates’ Solar starship, the first new ship type introduced to No Man’s Sky in two years.

Pirates have been a largely quiet but constant presence in the No Man’s Sky universe for a long time, and any journey through space will be sure to lead to a skirmish with them sooner or later.

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Now the pirates have started a campaign of colonization throughout the galaxies, using space stations as their base for occupying the surrounding system and conducting their smuggling enterprises. Upon encountering their ramshackle lairs, travellers can choose whether to confront them or ally with them in their nefarious smuggling activities.

Either way the rewards are significant. The pirates possess a hitherto undiscovered technology in the form of the Solar starship, an impressively fast and agile craft, conspicuous by its magnificent sails which deploy in-flight and retract on landing.

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As with every other ship in the No Man’s Sky universe, there are a huge variety of sail ships to come across and add to your fleet. And with the number of ship slots increasing from 6 to 9, players won’t need to choose between them or forfeit any of their other hard-earned vessels.

The ability to summon other ships from your fleet into combat with the new “squadrons” facility is another new addition introduced in the Outlaws update. Feeling out-maneuvered and outgunned by a pirate assault? Call for reinforcements at the touch of a button and watch as your wingmen warp to your aid.

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These are just a few of the many additions which come with the Outlaws update:

  • Outlaw Stations – Outlaws have taken over space stations across the galaxy!
  • Solar Starship – No Man’s Sky’s first new starship since the start of 2020 is a high-tech, sophisticated flier.
  • Smuggling – Illegal goods purchased in outlaw systems can be smuggled into regulated space, where they can be sold for a significant profit.
  • Cargo Inventories – All players, not just the smugglers, will benefit from the addition of specialist cargo inventories to all starships.
  • Squadrons -Players can now recruit and upgrade their own personal squadron of wingmen to assist them in ship-to-ship combat!
  • Space Combat – Space combat has been rebalanced for speed and excitement.

All players can download the free Outlaws update today.

Our journey continues.

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