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ROLEPLAYING IN THE RUINS OF INTERPLANETARY CAPITALISM From the developer of In Other Waters, and featuring the stunning character art of Guillaume Singelin, Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG set on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station that is home to thousands of people trying to survive on the edges of an interstellar capitalist society. You are a sleeper, a digitised human consciousness in an artificial body, owned by a corporation that wants you back. Thrust amongst the unfamiliar and colourful inhabitants of the Eye, you need to build friendships, earn your keep, and navigate the factions of this strange metropolis, if you hope to survive to see the next cycle. LIFE ON ERLIN'S EYE An abandoned station on the edge of a system in crisis. Now it is held together by anarchic alliances, ramshackle factions and a shared desire to be free from corporate control. DO THE WORK. GET PAID. SURVIVE. Each cycle you choose what to do with your time. Make or break alliances, uncover truths and escape your hunters. Survive and ultimately thrive, one cycle at a time. TURN UP FOR FRIENDS The Eye plays host to characters from all walks of life. Salvagers, engineers, hackers and more - each has a history. You choose who to help, and together shape your future. ACCESS THEIR SECRETS Hack the station’s cloud to access data, new areas and secrets. This is your power, and it can change your future. Corporate secrets, rogue AIs and troves of lost data await. YOU WERE MADE TO DIE Essen-Arp: to them you are just another asset in their almost infinite portfolio. Escape your decaying body's makers, and chart your own path in a richly imagined sci-fi world. INSPIRED BY TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING GAMES Citizen Sleeper uses dice, clocks and drives to create a player-led experience, where you choose your path in a rich and responsive world. CITIZEN SLEEPER EPISODES This free post-launch episodic content introduces new characters and locations in an expanded storyline. True to Citizen Sleeper’s TTRPG roots, these three episodes will offer an expansive campaign module that tells the longest and most complex story to be featured in the game to date. In the first episode, FLUX, the first ships from a refugee flotilla arrive at Erlin’s Eye in response to pressures in the Helion system. Now, in REFUGE, a strange event sends ripples through the communities of the Eye. You will enter the flotilla to try to understand this new threat, and help the refugees stabilise their community. The story of the flotilla, the FLUX event and your Sleeper will conclude in the third episode, arriving early 2023.

NOTE: This game leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. 
Product Info:
Developer: Jump Over The Age
Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Website: Citizen Sleeper
Twitter: @JumpOvertheAge / @FellowTravellr / @CitizenSleeper

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