Black Desert: Drakania Class

Black Desert: New Drakania Class Revealed

Greetings, adventurers! The Destroyer of Ynix is upon us! Drakania, the descendant of Markthanan, has finally made her way to Black Desert as its 24th class. Here’s what we know so far.

Drakania, the Descendant of the Night Dragon Markthanan, is powerful and ruthless. Like her Guardian counterpart, Drakania also has ties with her dragon ancestry and has fought with all her dragon rage to survive. As opposed to the powerful physique of Guardian, Drakania has a more delicate figure, donning finely metal-plated armor with chains to represent the tough and sharp features of her dragon heritage.

Black Desert: Drakania Class

In addition, the visual effects and lights that flow through her armor and weapons during combat simulate fire traveling through the body of a dragon before being released out of its mouth, giving Drakania an extra fiery touch to her overall design.

Drakania’s Slayer is a two-handed greatsword that excels in close combat. While Black Desert has another greatsword-wielding class – Warrior – Drakania sets herself apart using a much slimmer blade based on a Zweihander or Flamberge.

Black Desert: Drakania Class

Drakania uses a unique sub-weapon called the Shard! This Shard is her Slayer’s “heart” and can instantly be detached to attack enemies. While the Slayer is used for heavier, more devastating attacks, the Shard provides Drakania with quicker attacks that recharge her “Ion.” Ion is Drakania’s unique resource, which she stockpiles in her Slayer. While attacking with the Shard, Drakania charges up Ion – and when the Shard is returned to the Slayer, Drakania has access to much more devastating attacks!

Black Desert: Drakania Class

Additionally, many of Drakania’s attacks create effects surrounding her that will help Drakania and her allies. These area-of-effect attacks are powerful tools that can group enemies, drain their resources, and remove debuffs from Drakania and her allies.

Drakania’s passive ability is “Markthanan’s Heart”, which activates when her HP drops to 50% or lower. This passive allows Drakania to restore her own HP when performing attacks that generate Ion energy.

Black Desert: Drakania Class

Drakania brings a unique take to the greatsword combat style by combining quick blows to gather energy and heavy-hitting attacks at full charge. On top of this, her passive allows her to stay in the fight and provide utility to her allies while destroying her enemies. We can’t wait to see how you all enjoy the Destroyer of Ynix!

Drakania joins the adventure along with the start of a new Season on May 25.

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