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PowerWash Simulator is Ready to Clean Up with Game Pass


  • Become a grime-fighter in this super-satisfying FPS (first person soaker) in a story that’s full of surprises.
  • Enjoy a relaxing, stress-free good time as you clean up the town of Muckingham.
  • PowerWash Simulator will be available with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on July 14.

As gamers you’re probably used to taking on hordes of demon invaders, racing through exotic locales in crazy-expensive sports cars… generally indulging in all kinds of high-octane shenanigans. Sometimes, though, you just want some good, clean fun.

Enter PowerWash Simulator.

We’re delighted to announce that this super-satisfying spray-em-up is available with Game Pass for both Xbox and PC starting July 14!

Many of you may already be aware of the game after it made a splash on PC early-access, but some are probably thinking: “WTH is PowerWash Simulator”? Read on and we’ll dish the dirt.

And there’s a lot of dirt.

PowerWash Simulator Screenshot

What is PowerWash Simulator ?

The title pretty much says it all: PowerWash Simulator presents you with an arsenal of pressure washers and a lot of very dirty things to use them on.

Using these extremely powerful water jets, you’ll clean vans, parks, houses, fairground rides, statues and so much more, washing away the layers of filth to restore them to beautiful, pristine form. It’s difficult to describe just how satisfying this is.

It’s extremely satisfying. Oh – there, we did it.

While the water may be high-pressure, the game’s not. By design, it’s a chilled out, stress-free experience that’s all about having a good time.

PowerWash Simulator Screenshot

Does PowerWash Simulator have a story?

What, you want a story in your cleaning simulators? Yes, us too.

The once picturesque town of Muckingham is suffering from a grime-wave. Something has left the town coated in a thick layer of dirt, the nearby volcano seems to be active, Bigfoot sightings are on the rise… and the mayor’s cat has gone missing too!

This town needs a hero – someone who can wash the scum from these unclean streets to reveal the truth behind these sinister events.

It needs… a Power Washer.

The narrative of PowerWash Simulator has been expanded from the original early access release, with new chapters and new crazy things to clean – with this release, you’ll find out what’s causing all this muck! 

Of course, if you don’t care about the story, and just want to chill out and make dirty things become clean, you have that option too.

PowerWash Simulator Screenshot

Can you play PowerWash Simulator with friends?

They say the friends that spray together, stay together (don’t think too hard about it), so we’re pleased to confirm that yes – PowerWash Simulator supports online co-op.

Up to six players can team up in Freeplay mode and take on various projects – Power Washing is even more fun when you’re part of a crew!

Alternatively, two players can join forces to save the town in the Career mode.

How do I get PowerWash Simulator?

Here’s perhaps the most exciting thing of all – PowerWash Simulator will be available with Xbox Game Pass and PC starting on July 14!

We hope you’re ready to dive in and enjoy the super-satisfying feeling of being a professional Power Washer! If you want to know more about the game, or just want to join an awesome community, make sure to follow the game on Twitter or Discord.