The Sims 4 - High School Years

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack is Here

Welcome to an exciting school year at Copperdale High!

Copperdale is an ideal place to realize your high school dreams, explore your identity, and test boundaries as you make friends, experience iconic teenage moments, and grow into the Sim you want to be. Located on the banks of Lake LaSuli, this former mining town features seven lots built by The Sims 4 community creators including MsGryphi, who built the combination thrift store/boba hangout ThrifTea; xfreezerbunnyx, who built the library; and JOL1990, who built the principal’s mansion.

The Sims 4 High School Years

Blaze Trails Through High School

Teenage life in Copperdale revolves around the high school. It’s where your teen Sims will form lifelong friendships, develop their first crushes, choose their favorite extracurricular activities, and graduate to adulthood.

Teen Sims will attend class, hang out with friends, enjoy lunch in the cafeteria, take weekly exams, and maybe try to skip class and earn themselves a detention (watch out for the principal) during school hours. Then, after school, students can attend events like the science fair or participate in activities like football, cheerleading, chess, and computer club.

The extracurriculars your Sims can join include both clubs and teams like football or cheer. At these activities teen Sims will practice skill related activities, participate in competitions, and experience the thrill of victory (and the bitter sting of defeat) alongside their teammates.

Young love is also very much in the air. Your Sims will feel the flutters that come with teenage crushes and maybe work up the courage to ask the object of their affections out – or they could get lucky and their crush could make the first move! Of course, the flip side of this is the angst of unrequited feelings or first ever breakups.

Pro tip: Plumbite Pier – the local amusement park – is the perfect date spot!

The Sims 4 High School Years

Stir Things Up with Pranks and Fashion

Spice up your teen Sims life by letting them get into a bit of trouble. In High School Years there is more potential than ever for teen Sims to explore their mischievous sides by pulling pranks. They might mark up the whiteboard, leave a stink capsule in someone’s locker, or tamper with the school’s PA system! Just be careful not to get caught. While pulling successful pranks will increase a Sim’s mischief skill, being discovered will have consequences and may lead to trust issues.

Teen Sims can also have fun hanging out in their bedrooms, sitting cross-legged on their beds together, or even having pillow fights. Or, if they’re sick of being cooped up, they can sneak out of the house after curfew using The E Window and Trellis Ladder, which will let them climb down the side of the house and escape for a night of fun (again, try not to get caught).

Fashion has always been a huge part of The Sims because it is the ultimate form of self-expression. A collaboration with Depop will give your teen Sims even more styles to discover with looks designed by real-world Depop sellers Jeremy Salazar, Sha’an d’Anthes, Lapoze McTribouy, Selena Williams, and Bella McFadden.

The Sims 4 High School Years

Sports Stars, Prom Royalty, and Valedictorians

Every high school experience requires two key events: prom and graduation.

Prom is the most exciting, if anxiety-inducing, night of many teen Sims’ high school years. To prepare they can present a promposal sign to their crush, choose the perfect outfit, have friends over to get ready, and vote for prom royalty. Dance routines, music, snacks, and more are all within your control as the player.

The graduation ceremony is the big event marking a Sim’s transition to adulthood. To prepare, Sims will invite guests, decide on their outfits, and even get gifts for their school friends and favorite teachers.

It’s time to experience the rollercoaster of puberty, the drama of first love, and the journey of self-discovery with The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion.

The Sims™ 4 High School Years Expansion Pack

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Be a good (or bad) student, join a club, start a trend, and make the most of being a teenager with The Sims™ 4 High School Years Expansion Pack*! Navigate iconic teenage experiences like attending prom, pulling pranks, experimenting with identity and trends, and forming friendships and rivalries at extracurricular events. There’s a lot to do before graduation – teen Sims can attend class, interact with teachers, and even earn money as style influencers or streamers! Purchase through September 8 to get bonus items for your streaming set up. KEY FEATURES Vibing Streamer Gear — Transform your bedroom into a gaming paradise, streaming studio, or a platform to influence trends with a new gaming chair, wireless speaker, and LED panels when you order through September 8**. Experience High School — Experience all the ups and downs of high school. Attend classes in person, get to know your teachers, hang out in the cafeteria, and even decorate your locker! Your most treasured moments might happen while loitering around with your friends after school. Iconic Teen Moments — Dance the night away at prom and celebrate your graduation ceremony (if you keep up with your schoolwork!). In addition to those big moments, Sims can make lifelong friends, be asked out by other teens, participate in after-school activities and teams, and experience the rollercoaster of puberty. Shake Things Up — High school is a time of self-discovery! Find the confidence to ask your crush out or the guts to skip class (don’t let the principal catch you). Teen Sims will explore their own likes and dislikes, and have new opportunities to cause mischief. Pranks and sneaking out after dark can have consequences, so be careful you don’t get caught. Explore Your Style — Make your bedroom your own, plan outfits with clothes designed by Depop sellers, and become a Simfluencer! Teen Sims can earn money by selling outfits and hyping up looks they design on Trendi right from their bedrooms, which are now more interactive than ever. Use a tablet, read a book in bed, or even have a pillow fight! *REQUIRES THE SIMS 4 (SOLD SEPARATELY) AND ALL GAME UPDATES. **Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.
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The Sims™ 4

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