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Discover the Power of the Cosmos in the Latest Paladins Update

Blessed with arcane weapons and years of streetwise knowledge and training, Caspian arrives on the Realm ready to take what he wants and charm his way to ruthless victory. Recently finding himself in possession of an abyssal artifact most would deem too dangerous to handle, Caspian, Thief of Hearts (and Treasure) will have his work cut out for him to survive what comes next.

Paladins - Caspian

Caspian is the newest flank Champion to join the Paladins roster. His playful banter and deadly grace complement a deadly skill set as he dazzles and flourishes his way to absolute victory. Caspian is bolstered by his passive, Piercing and Sharp Momentum, which allows him to alternate between increasing the attack speed of his primary or secondary fires on impact. Coupled with his speedy, flashy attacks, Caspian commands the attention of his enemies and admirers alike.

Caspian also charms with his other abilities like Deadly Momentum, which allows Caspian to dash and whirl around his enemies inflicting damage in the process. Finally, Caspian’s ultimate is Storm of Blades – a lethal ability which allows him to summon a series of blades around him that deal massive damage every time he fires his gun or swings his sword. These blades are fired off to pierce any enemies that are unlucky enough to stand in his way. When Caspian is on the scene, no enemy in sight can escape his dashingly deadly skills.

Paladins - Starforged Event Pass

Alongside Caspian, the new Starforged Event Pass releases with this update, which invites players to traverse the final frontier and discover the power of the cosmos. Players can earn over 20 rewards, including the Mei Zhin and Cosmic Titan Terminus skins, as well as an alternate version of each. Plenty of sprays, avatars, and other celestial cosmetics are also included!

Paladins - Interstellar Stallion

This update also sees the return of a much beloved game mode: Siege of Ascension Peak! Join the fight and turn the tide of battle in favor of the Resistance, or defeat Jenos on behalf of the Magistrate. Players will be assigned to represent either the Resistance or the Magistrate all while dodging explosives and maneuvering through cool-downs. Your mastery of each Champion will see you through to victory!

This update also includes the new Interstellar Stallion Mount, new Limited Time Modes, and more! Dash your way to dazzling victory as Caspian or explore the expanse of the cosmos with the Starforged Event Pass in the Constellations update, available now in Paladins across all Xbox platforms! Download Paladins for free today.

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Paladins Interstellar Stallion Pack

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Discover the power of the cosmos and get ready for lift off aboard the Interstellar Stallion Mount! You'll also get 200 Crystals as well as a Deal of the Day Token, which will unlock a daily personalized deal whenever you want! The Interstellar Stallion Pack Contains: Interstellar Stallion Mount The Interstellar Stallion Mount 200 Crystals 1 Deal of the Day Token
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