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Autumn Update for World of Warships: Legends is Here and Rolling

Autumn is the time when the ocean is roaring. And time to enjoy new content, too: it’s a good thing World of Warships: Legends is packed with new content in the latest update! 

Alternate German Battleships in Early Access

A new tech tree line is coming! Alternate German battleships with a personal mission for each will be available through regular and big Early Access crates. These battleships are all about improved secondary guns. They also have torpedoes on board at higher tiers, as well as a SONAR consumable from Tier V on. Plus, the Damage Control Party has a unique way of functioning – it only has three charges but reloads quicker than the same one on the counterparts. 

The ships to get are Tier IV Derfflinger, Tier V Mackensen, Tier VI Prinz Heinrich, and Tier VII Zieten – the first ship of that tier ever to become obtainable through the Early Access framework. 

Tier VIII Prinz Rupprecht will arrive with the next update – that means the line will be researchable in the tech tree from that exact moment.

World of Warships Legends

Bushido Campaign

The infamous battleship Musashi of Tier VIII is the headliner of the newest campaign! To get her huge guns and humongous HP pool under your flag you’ll have to blast through 100 milestones in 5 weeks with Admiralty Backing active, allowing for a sizable batch of rewards alongside. Catch-up mechanic and additional tough missions for all the salty dogs out there are included too.

Transformers Return to the High Seas in Style

More Transformers content incoming! Six new skins for Tier VIII République and Legendary ships, including such powerhouses as Montana and Minotaur, are in the newest batch of collaboration. Even better news, the entire range of collab will be available in the store, including Commanders such as Optimus Prime and Megatron themselves, plus more ship skins and revamped containers.

World of Warships Legends

Ranked Battles Milestone

With seasons 29, 30, and 31 coming in this update, Ranked Battles are passing a solid landmark. There have been a lot, including 1vs1 clashes! These seasons will feature battles in teams of 4, with no carriers, only 1 destroyer per team, and divisions available for our captains.

Legendary Carriers are Here

More newcomers! Legendary Tier USN Midway and IJN Hakuryū are here in form of the newest Bureau projects, available either for doubloons or credits. Midway has the biggest HP pool of the aircraft carriers, and her bombers carry long-range torpedoes, while her Japanese peer boasts very swift squadron restoration time, which means more attacks during each game.

Majestic Days

A special World of Warships: Legends in-game event is starting on September 12 and features three weeks of small missions (3 each day with rewards; missed ones can be completed for doubloons) with the Tier III Premium battleship Agincourt of the Royal Navy proudly serving as the final prize! She brings numerous guns and a very solid secondary armament – joint-best at her Tier in terms of range.

Don’t fear the autumn storms and turn the tide!

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