Xbox Insider Release Notes

Xbox Insider Release Notes – Delta (2209.220831-2200)

Hey Xbox Insiders! We have a new Xbox Update Preview coming to the Delta ring. It’s important we note that some updates made in these preview OS builds include background improvements that ensure a quality and stable build for Xbox consoles.

We continue to post these release notes, even when the noticeable changes to the UI are minimal, so you’re aware when updates are coming to your device. Details can be found below!

Xbox Insider Release Notes

System Update Details:

  • OS version released: XB_FLT_2209NI\22621.2171.220831-2200
  • Available: 4 p.m. PT – September 6, 2022
  • Mandatory: 3 a.m. PT – September 7, 2022

New Features and Experiences

We have exciting news! Delta users can expect something new coming to their Xbox Update Preview.

My Games & Apps

Consoles in the Delta Xbox Update Preview ring now have access to a new full library experience in my games & apps. The new experience is designed to streamline access to all of the games you have access to install and play in a single view, without needing to remember which particular subscription or purchase gives you that access. Top-level categories provide access to the subscription-specific catalogs and editorial content that were previously available in the old experience.

Additionally, we have enabled a new feature which allows you to specify a different default install location for games, backwards compatible games, and apps. The default for each will be set to the location you had set previously as your default install location for all content. You can also let Xbox decide where to install your games and apps. Setting a default install location to “Let Xbox decide” will cause your Xbox to try to install that content type to best available drive that has enough space. To get started, you can access this by going to Settings> System> Storage Devices> Change Install Locations.

Settings – Home console and Sleep mode & startup

We’ve updated the Settings page for Home console to ensure users know how to set a Home console and understand how it works.

We have also added additional options for automatic shutdown times. Your Xbox can now be configured to shut down after 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 45 minutes of inactivity.

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build:


  • Various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console.
    • Note: Users participating in Preview may see “odd” text across the console, for more information go here.

Known Issues

We understand some issues have been listed in previous Xbox Insider Release Notes. These items aren’t being ignored, but it will take Xbox engineers more time to find a solution.


  • We’ve received some reports that users’ controllers are randomly losing sync or disconnecting from the console. If you encounter this behavior please make sure and report this issue after reconnecting.

Discord Voice

  • You must scan the QR code (in step 3 of the setup) with your mobile device to trigger the proper Discord code. This step is required for this preview but will not be required at general release.
  • When using the Discord Mobile app on iOS, having your default browser set to anything other than Safari may prevent you from linking your account correctly.
    • Workaround: Ensure that the default browser on your iOS device is set to Safari and then try again.
  • If you have unlinked your accounts and no longer have the “Join on Xbox” button on your Discord app, you will need to link your accounts again using this link:


  • Some users may encounter an issue where games fail to launch after using some streaming apps. If you experience this, please use Report a Problem to submit feedback.
    • Workaround: Reboot the console and games should launch normally.


  • We’ve received some reports that HDMI-CEC is not working correctly.
    • Note: Ensure that your TV supports HDMI-CEC and is also enabled before filing feedback.


  • Some users have reported that the icon for a disc-based title is not appearing on the dashboard.

My Games & Apps

  • The “Xbox One X Enhanced games” section will no longer be shown when using the “Group by console type” option in My Games & Apps. Users will need to use the Filter option to filter by console type if they would like to see these titles displayed.
  • The option to uninstall a game when pressing the Menu button on your controller is not currently available.
    • Workaround: Press the Menu button > Manage game and add-ons > Uninstall all.
  • When filtering by storage device, the free space displayed remains as “All storage”.
    • Workaround: Navigate to My games & apps > Manage > Storage devices to view the capacity and current free space of each storage device.
  • Titles in collection may incorrectly appear with a “trial” tag.
  • Users might see the warning badge appear for disc-based games that they have not launched.
    • Workaround: Insert the disc and launch the game, then refresh the Home. To refresh Home, open the Guide > highlight Home > press the Menu button for More options, then choose Refresh.


  • We have received reports of users hearing a reverb, echo or duplicated audio during playback when using Windows Sonic.
    • Workaround: Use an alternate audio setting when using Spotify.


  • Some users have reported that the console is displaying at the incorrect resolution on boot.  We are aware and investigating.
    • Note: If you encounter this behavior, please ensure that you submit feedback via Report a Problem immediately. Please include the make/model of you TV/Display in the description.
    • Workaround: Restarting the console via the Power menu (Holding down the Xbox button displays the power menu) should resolve the behavior.  If not, ensure you are looking at the troubleshooting here, specifically the section about ensuring your TV firmware is up to date.

Make sure to use Report a problem to keep us informed of your issue. We may not be able to respond to everyone, but the data we’ll gather is crucial to finding a resolution.

What Happens to Your Feedback

If you’re an Xbox Insider looking for support, please reach out to the community subreddit. Official Xbox staff, moderators, and fellow Xbox Insiders are there to help with your concerns.

When posting to the subreddit, please look through most recent posts to see if your issue has already been posted or addressed. We always recommend adding to threads with the same issue before posting a brand new one. This helps us support you the best we can! Don’t forget to use “Report a problem” before posting—the information shared in both places helps us understand your issue better.

Thank you to every Xbox Insider in the subreddit today. We love that it has become such a friendly and community-driven hub of conversation and support.

For more information regarding the Xbox Insider Program follow us on Twitter. Keep an eye on future Xbox Insider Release Notes for more information regarding your Xbox Update Preview ring!