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Rocket League Heads to Sovereign Heights for Season 8

Rocket League goes back to its roots in the big city! Starting today, you can cruise through the streets of Sovereign Heights to find a new Arena, unlock Rocket Pass Items, and customize the beloved Honda Civic Type R.

New Turf Arena in Sovereign Heights

Located deep in the city, Sovereign Heights Arena is a bucket-list spot for many of the world’s soccar greats. Though you’ll rarely see an official game played here, this city is home to some of the most electric homegrown talents in the world. Speaking of homegrown, longtime players will love the feel of this classic turf field!


Though word of this Sovereign Heights Arena has only just begun to hit the mainstream, players can hit the scene on the ground floor. Compete in the local tournaments to win Season 8 Tournament Rewards. Get into local gossip with the Tea Shades Topper, or focus that energy on yourself with the KettleBell Player Banner and Antenna Tournament Rewards. Do you live by your own rules? Snag some pirate radio waves with the TVRO Topper satellite dish. There are a couple of Black Market Rewards to chase down as well, but you’ll need both luck and skill to land one!

Season 8 Rocket Pass

Now for the car of the hour, the Honda Civic Type R! Based on one of the most popular tuner cars of all time, this sporty hatchback can be upgraded to the Honda Civic Type R-LE once you hit Tier 35 in this Season’s Rocket Pass.

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The customization continues once you pass Tier 70 and begin unlocking painted versions of the Civic! These Pro Tier cars will include a new effect called EdgeLight that wraps the bottom of the car in a luminous glow! The visual effect will be applied automatically while using a painted version of either the Honda Civic Type R or Honda Civic Type R-LE.

Season 8’s Rocket Pass isn’t just about the car though! Unleash your artistic side with the Sprattle Boost, reactive Big Cap Topper, and Savage Spray Goal Explosion. Prefer to show off your streetwear collection? Rock the ’90s look with the matching Wrapstar Decal and Franko Fone Wheels. With dozens of Items to collect, there’s something for everyone in Sovereign Heights! Rocket League Season 8 hits the streets today.

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