Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Key Art

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Character Profiles – Part One

Hey there heroes!

The world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is filled with over a hundred characters that you can recruit for your cause. Convince the heroes you meet to join you and offer to help them with their own adventures in return. Each character has a unique story that intertwines with others and their own personalities that bring their own perspective (or drama) to the group. 

You will meet these diverse cast of characters when the game launches, but we thought you should get to know some of them today. Meet Nowa, Seign, Lian, Garr, and Marisa!    

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Nowa Character Art


Male: 17 years old
Home: A remote village in the League of Nations
Favorite Food: Any dish with meat

“Leene always told me that my habit of sticking my nose into other people’s problems was something of an incurable disease. I’m going to help them. I’m not sure if I really can, but I know that I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

When the League of Nations recruits warriors to assist in a joint expedition with the Galdean Empire, our protagonist answers the call and leaves his remote village to test his skills. On the mission, he finds an ancient rune-lens, unaware that the discovery will spark a war between the League and the Empire. After the conflict begins, he joins a unit in the League’s border guard.

The protagonist is the “leap before you look” type. He doesn’t always weigh the pros and cons before springing to action, and while his constant need to involve himself in other people’s problems sometimes creates headaches for his companions, they like him for it and know his heart is in the right place. After all, if they ever got into trouble, he’d be the first person there.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Seign Character Art


Male: 18 years old
Home: A noble house in the Galdean Empire
Favorite Food: Poached Egg 

“Dreams and wishes alone won’t change this world. Reality isn’t that kind. You have my word; I will not hesitate to temporarily set aside my ideals if that’s what it takes to see them realized.”

The second-born son to House Kesling, a powerful imperial family. His older brother died on the battlefield. Seign is exceptionally gifted; after achieving outstanding grades at military academy, he was placed in command of a company of his peers and sent on the expedition to find the ancient rune-lens. During the mission, he meets the protagonist. The two warm to each other as they overcome adversity, and they learn of one another’s ambitions.

Seign’s strategic mind allows him to analyze things from a broad perspective and make sound decisions. People often confuse his clear mind for a cold heart, but he is guided by strong ideals and a deep passion to fulfill them. After his brother’s death during a border rebellion, Seign began to think long and hard about what it means to fight.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Marisa Character Art


Female: 16 years old
Profession: One of the Guardians who watches over the forest
Favorite Food: Herbed chicken

“You just leave the forest to me. I know where the water springs, where the rabbits burrow and most importantly, where your enemies will try to hide.”

A young member of the Guardians, a clan that hallows and protects the forest. Since Marisa was very little her family has instilled their ways and traditions in her. She has a warm, affable smile — except on the battlefield, where she wears the countenance of a warrior.

Although the Guardians live as one with the forest, they have respect for the outside world’s culture and technology, and they are not against integrating the parts of it that make sense to them. Marisa is particularly forward-thinking in this regard and loves new things — especially cute things.

Over the generations, the Guardians have developed a unique method of wielding the rune-lenses. For that reason, both the Empire and the protagonist try to win them over to their camp. Whom the Guardians choose will prove to be a major turning point in history.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Lian Character Art


Female: 16 years old
Home: A martial arts dojo
Favorite Food: Super-spicy ramen

“Uhh, well, I’m not sure about the details, but basically some strange group suddenly showed up in my homeland and started walking around like the owned the place… I wanna wipe those cocky grins off their faces already!”

After the Empire’s forces invade league lands, Lian is infuriated and runs away from home without even the slightest semblance of a plan. She decides the first thing to do is hoof it to the biggest town she can find, and luckily that’s where she meets the protagonist and his companions.

Lian was born in a dojo, and her father wasted no time in teaching her. She was doing roundhouse kicks before she even learned to walk properly.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Garr Character Art


Male: 32 years old
Profession: Warrior in a clan of mercenaries
Favorite Food: Pancakes slathered with whipped cream

“Only an idiot would let his leader be the first to run into danger. A warrior looking to profit would laugh the notion right off. But if you want to do the wrong thing, that’s what we’ll do. Life’s short enough as it is. Can’t spend every day worrying about whether it’ll all pay off.

A veteran beastman warrior. He and his clan make their living as mercenaries, and their vast experience and sheer brutality put them in high demand. War is all Garr has known, and to him life is one battlefield after the other until you die.

When a conflict breaks out, every army wants as many beastmen as they can afford. Because mercenary contracts are made with individuals and not the entire clan, it is not uncommon for Garr and his fellow beastmen to face each other as enemies in the field.

More to come!

Each of these characters, and the legions more that follow, are woven into the game with intricate and intertwining stories and gameplay led by Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano, both legendary creators most known for their work on the Suikoden games! You’ll find adventure around every turn and interact with a dizzying array of unique characters.

This is just the beginning. We will bring you regular updates to introduce more characters and more news on Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes throughout the journey to launch. We are very excited to reveal everything that we have in store!