Overwatch 2 - Kiriko

Meet the Latest Overwatch Support Hero, Kiriko!

The Kanezaka Fox Girl has finally been revealed! Kiriko rushes into Overwatch 2 as the newest Support hero. Read on to learn more about Kiriko and get ready for her arrival to the game on October 4.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko

A Balance of Old and New

Kiriko grew up in Kanezaka, where her family has maintained the town shrine for generations. She was raised by both her mother and grandmother, both of which instilled her with important values from a young age. Her grandmother taught her about the Kanezaka shrine and the fox spirit, as well as the importance of maintaining tradition and respecting the old ways. Her mother was a fierce ninja who trained fan-favorites Genji and Hanzo. Kiriko eventually trained beside them, learning how to fight for herself and protect her community.

A natural trickster, fans should keep an ear out for her in-game voice lines. She’s not one to shy away, taking a jab at anyone with her dry and witty humor.

Kiriko brings a balanced, youthful flair to the world of Overwatch. She respects tradition while also understanding the benefits of change and progress in a modern world. Fiercely loyal, she’s not afraid to go against the grain to protect her city and those she loves.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko

A Kit Built with All Players in Mind

Kiriko’s wit shines through in her kit, with most of her abilities based in her intelligence and her ability to read others and assess their actions.

Early ideation for Kiriko was to create a dual damage/support hero that could support her team with gentle healing as well as deadly precision. The result was an ability kit that was both rewarding for skilled players who have mastered precision, while also being accessible for newer players who are looking for an accessible healing kit.

Let the Kitsune guide you as we dive deeper into Kiriko’s abilities below.|

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko

Primary – Healing Ofuda

Kiriko uses Ofudas to heal her teammates, firing up to ten of the talismans at a time. A single target healing ability, the charms are breezy and slow-moving, pulling on the tranquility instilled in her by helping her grandmother at the Kanezaka Shrine. Players should pay close attention to distance, as the further you are away from your teammates, the longer it will take the ofudas to travel to them and heal.

Secondary – Kunai

Kiriko’s secondary showcases what she learned from her mother. Kunai are small knives that she throws one at a time. Her Kunai sport low overall damage but can do additional critical damage.

Passive – Wall Climb

Learning beside Genji and Hanzo, it’s only natural that Kiriko picked up the Wall Climb. This ability allows her scale walls, making it much easier for Kiriko to skirt around the map to offer up healing for teammates or a knife for enemies.

Swift Step

For allies that need help within a certain distance, Swift Step allows Kiriko to teleport directly to them (even through walls!). Players will need to lock onto a target before moving.

Protection Suzu

The Protection Suzu is a small, bell-shaped projectile that renders allies briefly invulnerable and cleanses negative status effects. It goes into effect when it hits the ground or an ally directly, applying protection to all allies within a small area of effect. The Protection Suzu can even benefit Kiriko if she throws it at her feet.

Ultimate – Kitsune Rush

Let the Kitsune guide you! When activated, Kiriko’s ultimate summons her loyal fox spirit who rushes forward, creating a path of torii gateways in its wake. When on the gated path, the ultimate provides both Kiriko and her allies with a temporary buff as well as a speed increase on all actions, including movement, rate of fire, and cool downs.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko

Kiriko will debut in Overwatch 2 on October 4. Watch her Gameplay Trailer now and stay tuned for more information about Overwatch’s newest Support hero!

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