Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is now available in Preview for Xbox Insiders!

Xbox Insiders are invited to preview multiplayer twin-stick shooter, Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, the brand new title from the long standing franchise. Be the first to save the world as you team up with friends online, with couch co-op, or battle it out in solo mode! Coming to Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One soon, Tiny Troopers: Global Ops promises fast paced combat with cross platform online modes! Developed by Epiphany Games and published by Wired Productions, fans can the Tiny Troopers discord via discord.gg/tinytroopers for more details and to find your fellow troopers!

About The Game

Attention! Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is a fast-paced arcade twin-stick shooter in which you lead an elite squad of Tiny Troopers on action-packed missions to defeat hordes of heavily armed enemies from all corners of the world.

Size is no barrier to these giants of the battlefield! The Troopers are battle-hardened, razer-focused and raring to take on daring new missions behind enemy lines. So, suit-up and lead your squad into explosive battles with epic campaigns that will see you deployed to warzones all across the globe.

Prepare to jump right into the heat of battle in an epic Campaign Mode or team-up in co-op play for up to 4 Players – and remember, we never leave a soldier behind. Are you ready to take the fight to the enemy whilst dodging withering hailstorms of gunfire? Then answer the call of duty and lead your squad of Tiny Troopers to victory. You’re the best of the best, and it’s time to prove it in Tiny Troopers’ biggest ever Ops!

How To Participate:

  1. Open the ‘Xbox Insider Hub’ on your Xbox (or install it via the Microsoft Store if you do not have it yet). 
  2. On the left side, click ‘Previews’. 
  3. Look for ‘Tiny Troopers: Global Ops’ and select ‘Join’.
  4. Wait for the registration to complete, you will then be directed to the Store and install ‘Tiny Troopers: Global Ops’

How to Provide Feedback:

  1. Press and hold down the Xbox button on your controller
  2. Select Report a problem
  3. Select the Games category and select Tiny Troopers: Global Ops as the subcategory
  4. Fill out the form with the appropriate details to help our investigation and click ‘submit’

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