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A New Threat Emerges in Star Trek Online: Ascension

There is a new and impending threat to the galaxy — the Terran Emperor has arrived and you must marshal your forces to try and stop imminent disaster on a galactic scale in Star Trek Online: Ascension. 

Star Trek Online: Ascension continues the story of the Mirror Universe’s incursion with the new episode, “Eye of the Storm” and a new Task Force Operation, as you seek out a way to defeat the Terran Emperor’s reign of terror.

Star Trek Online

Set after the events of “The Calling,” Captain Killy and her Terran forces were allowed to summon The Other and things have escalated in the Mirror Universe. The Terran Emperor has revealed himself to be the Mirror Universe version of Wesley Crusher from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The Terran Emperor has merged with The Other, the Mirror Universe’s counterpart to V’ger, an entity driven by rage and a thirst for revenge on its creators. Now, it’s your job to assemble a fleet to fight Emperor Crusher before it’s too late.

New Episode – Eye of the Storm

Players need to assemble a fleet to stop Emperor Wesley Crusher from gaining control of the powerful entity known as The Other. Captains must team up with former enemy-turned-ally, Admiral Leeta, to put an end to the Terran Empire’s plans that threaten the Mirror Universe and our own.

Star Trek Online

New Task Force Operation

The newest update introduces “Storm Chasers,” an exciting new space Task Force Operation that sends Captains to the Prime Universe. Players will gather in groups of five and travel inside The Other itself, where they will embark on a mission to disrupt the Terran Emperor’s connection to The Other.

Elite Officer Upgrade System

This brand new game feature gives Bridge Officers their own ground trait, a kit frame slot, and more.

Now is the perfect time to take up your seat in the Captain’s chair, and explore this new exciting story in Ascension!

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