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Will You Escape Castle Rock for Good This Time? We Were Here Forever is Releasing on Xbox

Trapped and betrayed by your previous partner, do you two have the brains and teamwork to escape?  Trapped in a dungeon far below underneath the castle, you now need to rely on your new partner to try to escape once more, but it’s not going to be easy. A familiar sinister creature is lurking around in the dungeon. And who says that escaping Castle Rock will be enough to be free from the King’s wrath?

We Were Here series revolves around a mysterious keep in the realms of Castle Rock. You and your partner play as the explorers – trapped in the frozen Antarctic you come across this mysterious place which seems to exist in its own space and time.  Slowly you’ll find out about the final king of Castle Rock, his family and the final curse that was laid upon the castle and its subjects.

The series and its games revolve around asymmetrical puzzle solving in an online co-op experience. With each game, more environments, puzzles and elements to the story were added to further expand the series.  For We Were Here Forever we went bigger than with the previous games in the series, packing every area with puzzles and details that really bring each location to life. The areas you explore have been greatly expanded from Castle Rock and its connecting to areas, to an entire area below the ground, a puppet shop, graveyard and more!

Furthermore, you and your partner now have some power in deciding which area you would like to explore first! Be sure you both agree and communicate, as this is key for your survival in this cold and forgotten place. This can lead to funny, but also dramatic (and frustrating) puzzle solving experiences. Guide each other through colourful and trippy mazes, play music and solve the riddle of the people of Rockburry who used to live there. Maybe you’ll find out more about them than what you expect at first…

As mentioned before, We Were Here Forever is bigger than any game we’ve made before. In our previous games, your exploring and puzzle solving was mainly confined to the grounds of Castle Rock. Though it is still quite a big castle, what is a kingdom without a town to rule over? For example, there’s the graveyard close to the castle grounds, the puppet workshop; left behind by the town folk who worked there prior. There also seems to be an underground-town where allegedly the townsfolk fled to, when the skies turned red and dark above Castle Rock…


Your expeditions down the ground will feel like an entire new world. With a small pot and a diver-like suit, you and your partner descend to an area where a lot of puzzle solving awaits you. One of the things you’ll find there is a labyrinth of pipes. Besides trying to not get lost and lose your partner, something seems to be off with the pipes as well.

Additionally, an underwater oasis with a funky machine in the middle will greet you down below as well. First appearing as a place of tranquillity and peace, it becomes clear to the both of you that something needs to be done here. Try not to get overwhelmed and stay focused, or face the consequences…


But if you think worldly realms will be the limit in We Were Here Forever then you’re misunderstanding. Besides the various locations on the cold Antarctic surrounding Castle Rock, there’s a mysterious, colourful yet unsettling dimension awaiting the both of you…

In the Jester’s Realm, there’s a lot of portals awaiting you to transport you to different places in his special environment. Colours, numbers, playing cards, symbols.. Do you twist & turn, go up & down, left & right? Expect the unexpected and be sure to keep an eye on your partner and what’s happening around the two of you. Remember, the Jester is a mysterious creature and you never know what to expect from him… If you think your escape is near and you’ve beaten him in his own toy box, try to look closer and think again…


We Were Here Forever releases early January 31 2023 ! Remember that you can      play every game in the We Were Here series as a standalone game, but we recommended each player to play all our games before We Were Here Forever to have the ultimate experience! Additionally, we would like to mention that there will be crossplay between other consoles and PC for our Xbox players! So don’t worry if your explorer partner in puzzle solving is stuck on a different console, we’ll bring you two together so you can play this game together, forever 😉

So go get your partner and practise your puzzle -solving brains and your survival communication over the holidays! It’s the season of spending time together, and what better way to do so together solving puzzles in a winter wonder (haunted)land! We Were Here Forever awaits you on January 31!