Rumbleverse Season 2

Check Out What’s New in Rumbleverse Season 2 – Now Available for Xbox


  • Rumbleverse is launching onto Low Key Key, a brand-new location for Season Two!
  • Play for free as you fight it out on a tropical vacation in this 40-person Brawler Royale where anyone can be the champion.
  • Expect new character customization, new moves, and new modes to battle it out with your friends!

Hey Xbox friends! After an electrifying first season rumbling in Grapital City, Rumbleverse’s Season Two is here! Check out how the game is evolving with different items, moves, and modes as we drop into the new neighborhood of Low Key Key. If you haven’t joined the party yet, download our free to play brawler royale right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Rumbleverse Season 2

When we last left Rumbleverse, we witnessed the birth of Grapital City. The city’s champions were locked in combat, battling to be the last standing in the Rumble. These battles brought 40 players together to dash, climb, and fight their way through the city terrain in a brawler royale. This season, we’re expanding the map to the “relaxing” vacation spot of Low Key Key. A place with sandy beaches, a colosseum-esque Lava Dome, and a tropical landscape for you to swing around.

Rumbleverse Season 2

In Season Two we are expanding our take on melee combat with more for your team. Season Two Battle Pass is launching on day one with cosmetics, emotes, and more for you to unlock as rewards. New weekly challenges will help you rank up and rake in the new loot. Customize your character for the sunny beaches with new cosmetics. Smash a crate on Low Key Key to find new weapons, upgrades, and special moves you’ll use to get the upper hand.

Rumbleverse Season 2

Master new special moves to beat down brawlers. Dash through beachside communities and poolside resorts, searching for your next opponent. Anything a player can pick up is a weapon, but now you can traverse the terrain in new ways. Swing from streetlamps and poles to deliver devasting blows or as a quick escape from a heated battle.

Rumbleverse Season 2

Limited time events are a new element of the Rumble to expand the way you play. Solo mode is still here for those looking to master their fighting style alone, and Duos is always your invitation to join a tag team. We know people have been asking so be on the lookout for these new limited time modes! Trios, quads, and holiday events are on the way.

Rumbleverse Season 2

The Rumbleverse community is growing, and we couldn’t be happier. For those of you who are joining us now: Welcome to the Rumble! Community input helps us deliver the best fighting game around. For those of you who have that first Season under your belts, thanks for taking that jump into this new experience.

See you this Season in Low Key Key! Don’t forget sunscreen, protein powder, and leg day!

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Live services for Rumbleverse will be turned off on Tuesday, February 28, at 10AM CST when Season Two concludes. After this time, the game will not be playable and any purchased in-game content will no longer be accessible. For information, including about refunds, visit The EXPANDED map introduces Low Key Key Island, your tropical invitation to kick back with a good fight. Prepare for melee in the marina as you swing from signposts and jump from one boat to the next to dodge the deadly seas! Master new ways to fight by cracking open new magazines to learn new power moves like Jagged Edge! Every match is a chance to become a champion. Rank up and earn new gear to show off your Rumbler’s unique style! Season 2 is also a time to make new friends with limited-time modes that let you team up with even more Rumblers.