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Dive into the System in Backfirewall_ on Xbox Now

Available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Backfirewall_ from Naraven Games takes you on a tragicomic adventure inside a smartphone. Have you ever wondered what happens when you press the update button? The first-person perspective game will answer the question as you take the role of an Update Assistant. Navigate through various areas of a phone, meet its colorful inhabitants, and solve clever riddles together with OS9, a chatty old system facing deletion.

Let’s Visit the System and its Regions!


Do you get goosebumps when forced to face the bureaucratic machine? WiFi’s post office will certainly give you some! You need a separate form for every issue, and a signature for a signature under a signature for each of them. The stars cursed you to find that an official is taking a break? Too bad, you can prepare to spend the next few months here. Paperwork rules!


The office workers are diligent and meticulous—they need everything in writing, but when they do get a job done, you can be sure it’s done. A few of them are truly outstanding, especially Frank, the best buddy of our good old OS9.


It’s one of the locations you’ll find Social Media I in, sharing your frustration about never-ending lines. It’s the User’s favorite app—it has a reason to have a high opinion of itself. Social Media I always sorts the User’s photos, but it can’t share them in the Gallery for some reason.

Watch Your Step in Battery’s Lab


Battery’s Lab is warm, warmer, hot! It’s the hottest spot in the System, just stay away from the green, glowing water—however inviting it seems to be, it’s actually acid. No swimming on the premises! While it may look like it’s all kept together by duct tape, numerous processes are still working here.


Maintenance processes have their hands full to keep everything in one piece. They’re always busy, never chatty, and completely absorbed by their work.


Unzipper found its safe haven in Battery’s Lab after a ceiling fell on its head in WiFi’s post office. It’s a cheerful guy, zipping this and that here and there. Very useful if you want to smuggle something, right?

Party Hard with the Processes


Speakers’ nightclub is the center of the processes’ social life and the hottest spot in town. XOR/NOR hosts parties that let your inner party animal go wild. If you ever want to shake off your worries, this is the place for you—with a bar, dance floor, great music, and every app that matters in the System.


Music and Podcast host podcasts as a duo, although in reality they’re one app with a split personality. It works as a DJ at the nightclub, playing music so diverse that you’ll surely find something for yourself.

It’s only part of all the locations of app-characters you’ll see in Backfirewall_. Dive into the System on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S now. See you there!

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Begin a humorous escapade through various areas of the phone and solve clever puzzles. Meet colorful apps that inhabit the smartphone and have their own opinions about their boss, the update, and the godlike user. Clever physics-based puzzles 👁 Review terminal errors in RAM, party in the Speakers’ exclusive nightclub, navigate through the Wi-Fi bureaucracy, and explore other areas of a smartphone. Cheat-codes to manipulate the environment 👁Hunt down or create bugs, trim binary trees, master music-controlled platforms, collect errors, and delete data using special cheat-codes. A variety of app-characters 👁 Gossip with quirky pieces of software—the sassy Photos, the insecure Social Media F, or the neglected Health, among others—and uncover their distinct side stories. Numerous collectibles 👁 Collect emails scattered about to discover a parallel story of the mysterious phone User. Unproductive and useless humor 👁 Enjoy meta satirical humor and breaking the fourth wall.