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In Case You Missed It: The Spawnies, Presented by Spawn On Me

Today marked the second annual broadcast of The Spawnies, an award show presented by the award-winning gaming podcast Spawn On Me. The Spawnies is dedicated to providing a spotlight for underrepresented voices in gaming.

Xbox is a proud sponsor of the award show, which highlights both new and established game developers and creates a space to recognize and celebrate their work. If you missed the show hosted by Kahlief Adams and Riana Manuel-Peña, be sure to check out

ID@Xbox was featured in a segment during the show that highlighted a few game creators and their upcoming titles. Check out the video above and fill up on details of these awesome titles coming soon to Xbox below.

Treachery in Beatdown City: Ultra Remix (NuChallenger) – April 27, 2023 

Treachery in Beatdown City : Ultra Remix is a tactical beat ’em up, where you explore an angry city, meet the worst people, and beat ’em up stylishly. Take to the streets, freeze time, build your combos, and knock ’em out, all to save the president! 

Super Space Club (GrahamofLegend) – Coming 2023 

Super Space Club is a lo-fi arcade space shooter to chill to. Defend a vibrant galaxy as a club of misfit heroes and battle endless waves of spacecrafts to the tune of atmospheric beats. Outlast your enemies and vibe to the rhythm of the stars. 

A Perfect Day (Perfect Day Studio – Coming 2023 

Revisit the final moments of 1999 for an eternity. Come face to face with your dreams and regrets. Explore a deep and interwoven narrative, solve perplexing riddles, and even play a few nostalgic minigames. Immerse yourself in happiness and sorrow with friends of ages past in your Perfect Day. 

She Dreams Elsewhere (Studio Zevere) – Coming 2023 

She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal adventure RPG about subconscious imagery and the extent to which it mirrors reality. You play as Thalia, an anxiety-ridden, comatose woman who delves into her dreams and confronts her inner nightmares in order to finally wake up. Unfortunately, some nightmares are harder to confront than others… It’s a deeply personal narrative dealing with real world themes such as mental health and self-identity combined with strategic turn-based combat, mind-bending levels, as well as a surreal, visually striking world ripe for exploration. Welcome to your nightmare- enjoy your stay!

Virgo Versus the Zodiac (Moonana) – Coming 2023 

Virgo Versus the Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy JRPG in which you play as an obsessed villain. The game features traditional turn-based combat with real-time execution of moves: blocking, countering and timing your attacks carefully as well as predicting your foes’ moves is essential to succeed in Virgo’s twisted and unforgiving cosmic quest to bring back the Golden Age, a period of peace, symmetry and balance, or so she thinks. In this galaxy where every action means a reaction, you’ll play as Virgo, the Holy Queen, often called Dreadful Queen by heretics, bringing mayhem to the Zodiac Realms and leaving a trail of stardust on the way, all to fit her excessively righteous worldview. 

Sopa (StudioBando) – Early 2024 

When Miho steps into the pantry to get a potato for his grandmother’s soup, he’s pulled into a distant fantastical land where he must retrace the steps of a mysterious great traveler before him. He must venture through a world of endless deserts, floating mountains, and talking beasts, outsmarting thieves and meeting quirky characters along the way. But each time he returns to the kitchen with an ingredient, he finds things have changed in unexpected ways… 

Love Shore (Perfect Garbage Studios) – Spring 2023 

Love Shore is a cyberpunk noir visual novel developed and published by Perfect Garbage Studios. Set in the cyberpunk city of Love Shore, play as Sam or Farah as they attempt to navigate the neon thrills of their cyberpunk city Love Shore, solve murders, fight gods and maybe fall in love. 

Samudra (Khayalan Arts) – Coming 2023 

Samudra is a hand-illustrated, 2D adventure game that follows a child’s adventure across a polluted sea. Experience an atmospheric post-apocalyptic underwater world filled with majestic creatures, ethereal locations and escape the grasp of the deep-sea salarymen.  

Protodroid DeLTA (Adam Kareem) – Coming 2023 

Protodroid DeLTA is a fast and fluid 3D action-platformer set in a beautiful and hopeful solarpunk world. Take on challenging bosses, upgrade your systems, and show humanity the promise of AI! Developer Adam Kareem was one of the first developers to receive funding from Humble’s Black Game Developer Fund, and will be the first BGDF partner to launch under Humble Games. 

Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess (Dreamnauts Studios) – March 2023 

Conquer the grid in real-time in this tactical bullet-hell RPG with a large, diverse roster of heroes to recruit and evolve, lightning-fast combat, and a deep story that adapts to your choices. Play as Donna, a fighter in search of the perfect team who can defeat the goddesses and save the future. Build your squad from dozens of playable characters, upgrade their unique abilities, and utilize their varied playstyles to take down your foes as you form the perfect team. 

Kabaret (Persona Theory Games) – Coming 2023 

Kabaret is a dark fantasy folklore adventure game. The story unfolds through the eyes of Jebat, a cursed boy who is uprooted from his small town to a mystical, violent, and unforgiving monster realm.