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Battle your Way through the Void in Neo-Noir Love Story El Paso, Elsewhere


  • From the mind behind Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator comes a neo-noir third-person shooter about killing the monster you loved.
  • Battle supernatural creatures from across space and time with an arsenal of deadly weapons.
  • El Paso, Elsewhere is coming to Xbox consoles and PC this Fall.

Sometimes, your greatest enemies are your own memories.

We’re telling a new kind of love story in El Paso, Elsewhere, the latest title from my studio, the developers behind Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Strange Scaffold. A nightmarish one-way trip set deep beneath a motel in El Paso, Texas, you’ll unravel a tale about addiction and heartbreak as you shoot and stake monsters from horror movies and our own minds. El Paso, Elsewhere is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this Fall.


The setup is, after learning that the world as we know it is going to be destroyed in an arcane ritual, recovering drug addict and Black folklore researcher James Savage returns to his hometown of El Paso, Texas. In a fight to save reality itself from being consumed by the Forces Beyond, he has to travel to a strange motel, clearing the floors that have mysteriously appeared beneath it of horrific creatures while saving hostages along the way. The lord of the vampires – and his ex – Draculae, is behind the plot, opening old wounds and abandoned coping mechanisms.

Inspired by the Max Payne-era of games, El Paso, Elsewhere is combining raw third-person action with a heavy, neo-noir narrative. As James Savage, you’ll be able to mow down the monstrous creatures you come across with a variety of weapons, including dual pistols, uzis, shotguns and – naturally – stakes. When you run out of ammo, you can always smash the wooden furniture located throughout the dimension-hopping biomes under the motel for more stakes. But you have to be careful: staking a creature means getting painfully close to the monsters guarding Draculae.


Savage also has some extra tricks up his sleeve, including Bullet Time. By diving or with the press of a single button, you can make the world slow down, letting you aim precise headshots or dodge attacks with ease. You can also leap into the air and bounce off of nearby walls to give your dive more airtime or a better vantage point. With near-inhuman movements and the ammo littering the floors you’ll explore, you will be able to tear through Draculae’s army.

But not every battle can be fought with guns. Through his descent, Savage will battle with his own memories – coming to terms with everything that brought him back to his hometown of El Paso, Texas and the fact that he might have to kill the monster he once loved. Through lush, minimal 3D cinematics, you’ll learn the tragic story of James and Draculae, and the roads they traveled to end up once again facing each other—this time, as enemies at the end of the world.


El Paso, Elsewhere is set to launch this Fall on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Follow us on Twitter at @StrangeScaffold or visit https://linktr.ee/strangescaffold for more.