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Gundam Evolution Season 4 is Dropping a New Game Mode, Character, and Map – Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started

It’s go time! Take up arms in Season 4 – Ballista, now available for Gundam Evolution! This newest season celebrates the half year anniversary of the game and includes a new mode, character, and map.

New Mobile Suit: Gundam Dynames

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 fans may recognize this notable mobile suit from Season 1 of the anime. Gundam Dynames, piloted by none other than Gundam Meister Lockon Stratos, is joining the Gundam Evolution roster! Just like in the anime, Gundam Dynames will utilize its excellent marksmanship skills using both the GN Sniper Rifle and GN Beam Pistol on the battlefield. You’ll be able to provide your team cover from a variety of ranges – perfect for a shifting battlefield!

Let’s go over the skills of the newest addition to the team:

  • Weapon Swap – Swap between your GN Sniper Rifle and GN Beam Pistol – with the weapon in reserve reloading automatically!
  • GN Missile – Fire a missile that explodes for damage and pulls nearby enemies towards the impact point – even pulling them out of cover!
  • Recovery Gun – Inject repairs directly into your allies from a distance and ensure they don’t fall!
  • G Maneuver: Trans Am – Activate your GN Drive’s hidden potential to hyper-charge your next few shots!

You’ll be able to unlock Gundam Dynames by purchasing Evo Coins or completing challenges to earn Capital in-game.

Gundam Evolution

New Game Mode: Headquarters

A new game mode just dropped with Season 4 – Ballista. Headquarters is a fully dynamic, multi-stage game mode that truly tests your team’s coordination and abilities. Teams who can do this and keep up the momentum will be rewarded with sweet, sweet victory. Check it out!

New Map: Buried City

A new area to hone and show off your skills is here! This new map will be in rotation for both Casual and Ranked matches. Buried City has a variety of corridors and pathways for you to intercept your opponent and surprise them with an attack! It also has sections for your team to take advantage of the high ground and relentlessly assault the enemy with a barrage of projectiles.

We’re excited to see how you play on this new map!

Gundum Evolution

Prepare for success!

With such a huge roster of Mobile suits you may be asking, what’s the best start? While we can’t give you the win, here are a few pointers to give you the edge on this new battlefield.

The first point has multiple routes.

To start, you can slip around or underneath the first objective to take your enemy from behind or hit them on an exposed flank. This is great for fast units who can quickly cause confusion, such as Zaku Ranged or Heavarms Custom. Maybe you’re more of a ranged player who wants to make the most of the distance. On one side of the first objective is a lift with a window that gives you the height advantage, which is perfect for preventing a capture or holding down the line. Sounds perfect for a unit like Gundam Dynames that just released as part of Season 4.

Use your full armaments.

When you eventually reach the core, take note of the multiple entry points to keep your enemy on their toes. Certain Mobile Suits like Asshimar have Active Skills with an area of effect that can also harm the core while keeping the enemy at bay. Guntank has a cannon that can be used to deal extra damage to the core. Make use of each Mobile Suits’ strengths to chip away and get yourself those extra points.

As always, support your team!

After dealing enough damage, a mobile suit will be in a broken state before it eventually destructs. The walk back to the objectives can mean the difference between getting that last percentage of damage, so do your best to provide your team with a quick pick-me-up so they can get back into the fight and win the round.

Gundum Evolution

Time to Jump In, Pilots!

Gundam Evolution is an immersive, fast-paced 6v6 team shooter where you’re able to pilot iconic Mobile Suits from the smash hit “Mobile Suit Gundam” anime series. Jump into combat as Gundam Dynames, Heavyarms, and more from this expanding roster.

Gundam Evolution now has four different game modes that allow you to show off your teamwork and tactical skills: Point Capture, Domination, Destruction, and Headquarters. Coordinate with your team and align your G-Maneuvers to come out on top!

Season 4 is out now! Can’t wait to start piloting your own Mobile Suit? Download Gundam Evolution for free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S now and experience these exciting Mobile Suit battles firsthand.

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